Sreekanth Chalasani

Associate Professor

Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - News


Salk scientists advance ultrasound technology for neurological therapy

LA JOLLA—The emerging technology of sonogenetics—a technique where cells are controlled by sound—offers the potential to one day replace pharmaceutical drugs or invasive surgical treatments for neurological conditions like epilepsy, …

Decoding the chemistry of fear

LA JOLLA—Ask a dozen people about their greatest fears, and you’ll likely get a dozen different responses. That, along with the complexity of the human brain, makes fear—and its close …

Worms have teenage ambivalence, too

LA JOLLA—Anyone who has allowed a child to “help” with a project quickly learns that kids, no matter how intelligent or eager, are less competent than adults. Teenagers are more …

Salk neuroscientist granted $1 million to harness sound to control brain cells

LA JOLLA—Salk Associate Professor Sreekanth Chalasani has been awarded a grant from the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative for developing a way …

Salk promotes four leading scientists in the fields of neuroscience, circadian rhythms and immunology

LA JOLLA–Four Salk Institute faculty members have been promoted after the latest round of faculty reviews determined they are scientific leaders who have made original, innovative and notable contributions to …

Can your sense of smell predict when you’ll die?

LA JOLLA–By measuring how worms move toward an appealing, food-like scent, researchers at the Salk Institute were able to predict whether the worms would be long-lived. The finding, published September …

In first, Salk scientists use sound waves to control brain cells

LA JOLLA–Salk scientists have developed a new way to selectively activate brain, heart, muscle and other cells using ultrasonic waves. The new technique, dubbed sonogenetics, has some similarities to the …

How the brain balances risk-taking and learning

LA JOLLA–If you had 10 chances to roll a die, would you rather be guaranteed to receive $5 for every roll ($50 total) or take the risk of winning $100 …

Worms’ mental GPS helps them find food

LA JOLLA–You’ve misplaced your cell phone. You start by scanning where you remember leaving it: on your bureau. You check and double-check the bureau before expanding your search around and …

Insulin plays a role in mediating worms’ perceptions and behaviors

LA JOLLA,CA—In the past few years, as imaging tools and techniques have improved, scientists have been working tirelessly to build a detailed map of neural connections in the human brain—with …


BS, Genetics, Zoology, and Chemistry, Osmania University, India
ADV DIP, Computer Science, National Institute of Information Technology
PhD, Biology, University of Pennsylvania
Postdoctoral Fellow, Rockefeller University (lab moved from UCSF)


Awards & Honors

  • National Institutes of Health Brain Initiative Awardee, 2016
  • Glenn Award for Research in Biological Mechanisms of Aging, 2015
  • W.M. Keck Foundation Award, 2013
  • Rita Allen Foundation Scholar, 2012
  • The March of Dimes Basil O’connor Award, 2010
  • Searle Scholar, 2010