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Salk Institute Trustees elect Marna C. Whittington as Board chair
Former CEO of Allianz Global Investors Capital brings valuable financial expertise to Salk
January 28, 2022
Our Science
Learn more about research that strives to unlock the fundamental principles of biology.
Salk Institute announces historic $100M challenge gift from Irwin and Joan Jacobs
Donation will underwrite construction of the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Science and Technology Center
November 12, 2021
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60 Years of Scientific Achievements
The Institute is embarking on a philanthropic campaign to expand the campus, recruit new researchers and instill added resilience in our bodies and planet.
Harnessing Plants Initiative: The Salk Solution
There are many ways to address the issue of climate change, and here at Salk we focus on making plants much more efficient at capturing and storing carbon.
Conquering Cancer Initiative
Salk researchers combine foundational biological research with advanced biomedical technologies, keying in on five deadly cancers: breast (triple negative), brain (glioblastoma), pancreatic, lung and ovarian.
Statement on the Current Operations at the Salk Institute due to COVID-19
The Salk campus remains closed to the public at this time.
September 20, 2021
Salk Professor Samuel Pfaff named 2021 AAAS Fellow
January 26, 2022
Active ingredient in cannabis protects aging brain cells
Salk researchers find cannabinol preserves mitochondrial function and prevents oxidative damage to cells
January 25, 2022
Through education and volunteerism, we share our passion.
Salk appoints Julie A. Auger executive director of Research Operations
January 21, 2022
Salk Institute announces departure of Professor Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte
January 19, 2022
Martin Hetzer
Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
Jesse and Caryl Philips Foundation Chair
Plants rely on the CLASSY gene family to diversify their epigenomes
CLSY genes modulate DNA methylation patterns in Arabidopsis
January 11, 2022
Season Three of Salk’s Podcast “Where Cures Begin”!
"Where Cures Begin" explores the lives of scientists and discoveries at the Institute
Salk Professor Ronald Evans awarded $1.2 million by Larry L. Hillblom Foundation to study a new druggable pathway that could help treat diabetes
January 6, 2022
Salk researchers find a new route for regulating blood sugar levels independent of insulin
New molecular pathway controls blood glucose, circumventing insulin resistance
January 4, 2022
San Diego Nathan Shock Center announces pilot grant awardees
Six grant recipients received up to $15,000 each for studies on the variability of cellular aging in humans
December 17, 2021
Salk scientists receive the 2021 ASPIRE award to study pancreatic cancer
Professor Ronald Evans and Assistant Professor Dannielle Engle have been granted a 2021 ASPIRE (Accelerating Scientific Platforms and Innovative Research) award.
December 17, 2021
Pain and anxiety impact breathing on a cellular level
Salk scientists discover that a neural circuit coordinates breathing with negative emotions
December 17, 2021