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New target identified for treatment of premature aging disease
Scientists discovered that a particular RNA accumulates in people with progeria, and that inhibiting the RNA reverses signs of aging and extends life span in mice
August 10, 2022
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Learn more about research that strives to unlock the fundamental principles of biology.
Salk Institute announces historic $100M challenge gift from Irwin and Joan Jacobs
Donation will underwrite construction of the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Science and Technology Center
November 12, 2021
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60 Years of Scientific Achievements
The Institute is embarking on a philanthropic campaign to expand the campus, recruit new researchers and instill added resilience in our bodies and planet.
Harnessing Plants Initiative: The Salk Solution
There are many ways to address the issue of climate change, and here at Salk we focus on making plants much more efficient at capturing and storing carbon.
Conquering Cancer Initiative
Salk researchers combine foundational biological research with advanced biomedical technologies, keying in on five deadly cancers: breast (triple negative), brain (glioblastoma), pancreatic, lung and ovarian.
Statement on the Current Operations at the Salk Institute due to COVID-19
The Salk campus remains closed to the public at this time.
March 21, 2022
Discovery advances the potential of gene therapy to restore hearing loss
Delivering the protein EPS8 via gene therapy rescues malfunctioning inner ear hair cells that transduce sound
August 8, 2022
Scientists find surprising link between mitochondrial DNA and increased atherosclerosis risk
Findings could lead to new therapeutics for atherosclerosis—artery-blocking plaque buildup—and other inflammatory
August 4, 2022
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Spring 2022 issue
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Making a memory positive or negative
Salk researchers pinpoint a neurotransmitter that helps assign positive or negative emotions to a memory
July 20, 2022
Christina Towers, PhD
Assistant Professor
Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
Salk researchers discover how RNA processing goes awry in rare immune disease
Findings could lead to new treatments for Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome
July 13, 2022
Season Three of Salk’s Podcast “Where Cures Begin”!
"Where Cures Begin" explores the lives of scientists and discoveries at the Institute
The best offense is a great defense for some carnivorous plants
Salk scientists help explain how plant carnivory evolved from defensive mechanisms
July 11, 2022
Renowned plant molecular geneticist Mary Lou Guerinot joins Salk Institute as Nonresident Fellow
July 11, 2022
Salk Research Professor Todd Michael receives $2 million to build a genome repository for the cassava plant
Effort will aid development of food crops that are more resilient to climate change
July 8, 2022
Imaging solves mystery of how large HIV protein functions to form infectious virus
Detailed views of the HIV protein may lead to novel treatments against the virus
July 6, 2022
Salk Institute names Gerald Joyce senior vice president and chief science officer
July 5, 2022