Explore how Salk is probing some of the great scientific questions of our time.

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Explore how Salk is probing some of the great scientific questions of our time.


The Salk Institute is home to a highly collaborative cadre of scientists who delve into a broad range of research areas, from aging, cancer and immunology to diabetes, brain science and plant biology. They are supported by on-campus research centers and core facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Scientist Directory

Meet Salk’s esteemed faculty and learn about their areas of research and recent discoveries.

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Research Areas

Salk scientists are among the world’s leaders in aging, cancer, computational biology, genetics, infectious disease, immunology, metabolism, neuroscience, plant biology, protein interactions, regeneration, and more.

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Salk Science Guide

An overview of leadership, faculty profiles, scientific centers and core facilities at the Institute.

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Research Centers

The Institute is home to several dedicated centers working to accelerate discoveries in critical fields of research.

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Core Facilities

Shared, on-campus “cores” house cutting-edge equipment and trained experts to enable Salk labs to make world-changing discoveries.

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Harnessing Plants Initiative

Salk’s innovative, scalable and bold approach to fight climate change aims to optimize a plant’s abilities to capture and store carbon and adapt to diverse climate conditions.

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Healthy Aging Initiative

Salk scientists are working across disciplines to better define and understand aging so we don’t just live longer, but also live healthier, as we age.

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