Office of Technology Development

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Office of Technology Development

Who We Are

Discovery, innovation and the transfer of technology to the public sector are the cornerstones of the modern research institute. Learn about the Office of Technology Development’s mission, operations and staff and obtain contact information.

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OTD Contact by Faculty Member

The Office of Technology Development is here to help faculty, scientific staff and students who have innovations to disclose, need to have material transfer agreements processed, or just have questions about technology transfer or the commercialization process.

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Policies, Forms and Sample Agreements

Although patentable inventions are the focus of the majority of the Office of Technology Development's licensing activities, we also handle copyrights for software, tangible materials disclosures for biological materials (antibodies, cell lines, etc.), and material transfer agreements for outgoing biological materials.

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Technologies Available for Licensing and Co-development

The Salk Institute for Biological Studies is committed to engaging with industry as part of its mission to ensure that technologies are brought to the market for the benefit of society. (Licensing information can be found at In-Part. com)

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Technologies Available for Collaboration

Salk’s reputation as one of the world’s leading research institutes comes in part from its success in advancing the understanding of diseases that cause great human suffering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Technology Development staff will also help you determine the best route to commercializing your technology, whether through a license to a company, establishment of a start-up company, or collaboration with companies and other partners.

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