Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Overview

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Salk’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team is committed to reinforcing the goals of a campus community that broadly engages members and supporters of the Institute in activities and interactions that incorporate excellence, integrity and respect.

We aim to identify issues at various levels and recommend solutions that will benefit everyone on our campus. By taking a systemic approach to change and developing strategies that align with the Institute’s unique profile, our work is intended to create a sense of belonging for every member of the Salk community.

Bias and/or Discrimination

  • Analyze institutional data to determine Salk-specific needs and identify issues facing distinct groups within the community
  • Create awareness of systemic issues and propose solutions
  • Implement and/or model best and promising practices


  • Highlight programs and opportunities that bolster outreach and collaboration with internal and external communities
  • Engage the Institute in forums that foster greater understanding of diverse populations
  • Build consensus for new initiatives through ongoing communication and assessment

Training and Education

  • Facilitate programming to educate, challenge and motivate employees toward inclusivity
  • Evaluate training modalities to increase relatability, improve effectiveness and sustainability
  • Curate collections of multimedia resources to support employee and trainee development


  • Advise stakeholders on equitable recruitment and hiring practices
  • Facilitate learning opportunities that build skills for recognizing and reducing bias during the hiring process
  • Support the development of pipelines designed to increase diversity at Salk

Campus Culture

  • Collaborate on measures to align Salk’s organizational culture with stated goals and values
  • Educate campus constituents about the value of mentorship and sponsorship
  • Engage in climate research to evaluate experiences and perceptions of the Salk culture
  • Identify untapped networks for increased collaboration and resource sharing

The scope and success of our work is founded in collaborative efforts and supports other resources on our campus. Focus areas such as Title IX compliance, EEO/AAP efforts, etc., while relevant to our work, fall within the purview of other Salk offices and departments.

Get in touch! Email us at oei@salk.edu