Science Initiatives

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Science Initiatives

Harnessing Plants Initiative

Salk’s plant team is undertaking an innovative, scalable and bold approach to fighting climate change by optimizing a plant’s natural ability to capture and store carbon for long periods.

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Conquering Cancer Initiative

Salk’s Cancer Center is tackling the deadliest forms of cancer. By combining foundational biological discoveries with cutting-edge technologies, scientists are overcoming hard-to-kill tumors.

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Healthy Aging Initiative

Salk scientists are working across disciplines to better define and understand aging so we don’t just live longer, but also live healthier, as we age.

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Innovation and Collaboration Grants

Salk’s Innovation and Collaboration Grants program, launched by Joan and Irwin Jacobs, is designed to fund out-of-the-box ideas that hold significant promise but do not yet have the track record to gain support from more traditional funding sources. They are awarded twice a year through peer review.

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