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Technologies Available for Collaboration


Neurological disease modelingFred Gage Details»
Animal models of neuronal loss in diseases such as Parkinson’sMartyn Goulding Details»
Novel molecular targets for treating schizophreniaKuo-Fen Lee Details»
Identifying Astrocyte-Secreted Factors to Treat Autism Spectrum DisordersNicola Allen Details»
Repair of synaptic connections following injuries such as strokeNicola Allen Details»
Astrocyte Regulation of Neuronal Synapses and CircuitsNicola Allen Details»
Optogenetics in the treatment of Parkinson’s diseaseXin Jin Details»
Imaging of specific neuronal cell types in awake, behaving animalsAxel Nimmerjhan Details»
In vitro model of myelination and MSFred Gage Details»


A cell-based screen to identify therapeutic compounds for pancreatic cancerRonald Evans Details»
ULK1 Inhibitors, in combination with mTOR inhibitors as a cytotoxic cancer therapyReuben Shaw Details»
New targets for triple negative breast cancer Geoff Wahl Details»
Mouse models of non-small cell lung carcinomaReuben Shaw Details»


High throughtput screen for modulators of protein-protein interactions (PPI)Geoff Wahl Details»
Motor neuron dysfunction in ALS and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)Sam Pfaff Details»