Pamela Maher, PhD

Research Professor

Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory

Pamela Maher
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Active ingredient in cannabis protects aging brain cells

LA JOLLA—Decades of research on medical cannabis has focused on the compounds THC and CBD in clinical applications. But less is known about the therapeutic properties of cannabinol (CBN). Now, …

Salk appoints neuroscientist Pamela Maher as Research Professor

LA JOLLA—The Salk Institute has appointed neuroscientist Pamela Maher to the position of Research Professor, a non-tenure faculty position, to reflect her achievements conducting groundbreaking research on Alzheimer’s disease. Maher, …

Salk team launches phase 1 clinical trial for Alzheimer’s therapy

LA JOLLA—The investigational Alzheimer’s drug CMS121, developed and studied at Salk over the last fifteen years, has now moved into a phase 1 clinical trial to evaluate its safety in …

Alzheimer’s drug candidates reverse broader aging, study shows

LA JOLLA—In mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease, the investigational drug candidates known as CMS121 and J147 improve memory and slow the degeneration of brain cells. Now, Salk researchers have shown …

Native California medicinal plant may hold promise for treating Alzheimer’s

LA JOLLA—The medicinal powers of aspirin, digitalis, and the anti-malarial artemisinin all come from plants. A Salk Institute discovery of a potent neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory chemical in a native California …

Researchers report new methods to identify Alzheimer’s drug candidates that have anti-aging properties

LA JOLLA—Old age is the greatest risk factor for many diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and cancer. Geroprotectors are a recently identified class of anti-aging compounds. New Salk research has …

More evidence shows natural plant compound may reduce mental effects of aging

LA JOLLA—Salk scientists have found further evidence that a natural compound in strawberries reduces cognitive deficits and inflammation associated with aging in mice. The work, which appeared in the Journals …

Analysis of African plant reveals possible treatment for aging brain

LA JOLLA—For hundreds of years, healers in São Tomé e Príncipe—an island off the western coast of Africa—have prescribed cata-manginga leaves and bark to their patients. These pickings from the …

Natural plant compound prevents Alzheimer’s disease in mice

LA JOLLA—A chemical that’s found in fruits and vegetables from strawberries to cucumbers appears to stop memory loss that accompanies Alzheimer’s disease in mice, scientists at the Salk Institute for …

Flavonoids could represent two-fisted assault on diabetic complications and nervous system disorders

LA JOLLA, CA—A recent study from scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies suggests that a strawberry a day (or more accurately, 37 of them) could keep not just …

Compound derived from curry spice is neuroprotective against stroke and traumatic brain injury

LA JOLLA, CA—A synthetic derivative of the curry spice turmeric, made by scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, dramatically improves the behavioral and molecular deficits seen in …

Natural compound shows promise against Huntington’s disease

LA JOLLA, CA–Fisetin, a naturally occurring compound found in strawberries and other fruits and vegetables, slows the onset of motor problems and delays death in three models of Huntington’s disease, …


BSc, Biochemistry, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
PhD, Biochemistry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Postdoc, Cell Biology, University of California, San Diego

Awards & Honors

  • Edward N. & Della L. Thome Memorial Foundation Award in Alzheimer's Disease Drug Discovery, 2015
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation Award for Novel Approaches to Drug Discovery for Parkinson's Disease, 2007
  • NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1982
  • Anna Fuller Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1980
  • Killam Predoctoral Fellowship, 1979