Thomas Albright, PhD

Professor and Director

Vision Center Laboratory

Conrad T. Prebys Chair in Vision Research

Tom Albright
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Salk Institute and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) team up to study museum visitor behavior

From left: Zoe Kahr, Eric Leonardis, Talmo Pereira, Sergei Gepshtein, Tom Albright, Victoria Behner, and Catherine MasseyClick here for a high-resolution image.Credit: Courtesy of Museum Associates/LACMA

LA JOLLA—Clay vessels of innumerable …

An ocean in your brain: interacting brain waves key to how we process information

LA JOLLA—For years, the brain has been thought of as a biological computer that processes information through traditional circuits, whereby data zips straight from one cell to another. While that …

Salk Scientists receive $1.5 million from The Conrad Prebys Foundation’s inaugural grant cycle

LA JOLLA—Salk Professor Thomas Albright has been awarded $1 million and Assistant Professor Edward Stites awarded $500,000 by The Conrad Prebys Foundation as part of its inaugural round of grants. …

Keeping innocent people out of jail using the science of perception

LA JOLLA—People wrongfully accused of a crime often wait years—if ever—to be exonerated. Many of these wrongfully accused cases stem from unreliable eyewitness testimony. Now, Salk scientists have identified a …

Thriving on teamwork: new research shows how brain cells filter information in groups

LA JOLLA—When we perceive the world around us, certain objects appear to be more noticeable than others, depending on what we do. For example, when we view a forest-covered mountain …

Prominent academics, including Salk’s Thomas Albright, call for more science in forensic science

LA JOLLA—With forensic science facing mounting scrutiny as it plays an increasingly prominent role in the administration of justice, six scientists who recently served on the National Commission on Forensic …

Salk researchers develop new model to study schizophrenia and other neurological conditions

LA JOLLA, CA—Schizophrenia is one of the most devastating neurological conditions, with only 30 percent of sufferers ever experiencing full recovery. While current medications can control most psychotic symptoms, their …

Despite what you may think, your brain is a mathematical genius

LA JOLLA, CA—The irony of getting away to a remote place is you usually have to fight traffic to get there. After hours of dodging dangerous drivers, you finally arrive …

Thomas D. Albright named president of Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture

LA JOLLA, CA—The first architecture critic may have been Goldilocks. She complained that some things were too big and some too small, while others were “just right.” Yet how do …

Salk Announces $2 Million Gift from Mr. Conrad T. Prebys for an Endowed Chair in Vision Research

LA JOLLA, CA—The Salk Institute for Biological Studies today announced a generous gift from Mr. Conrad Prebys, a Salk Trustee, to establish the Conrad T. Prebys Endowed Chair in Vision …

NIH designates Salk Institute one of seven national basic research centers focused on vision

LA JOLLA, CA—A $3.8 million grant from the National Eye Institute (NEI) of the National Institutes of Health places the Salk Institute among one of seven NEI-designated centers …

Salk scientist Thomas Albright elected to National Academy of Sciences

La Jolla, CA – Salk Institute professor Thomas Albright, who studies the neuronal basis of visual perception, has been elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences. The Academy …

Associative memory: Learning at all levels

La Jolla, CA – “Green” means “go,” but what does “red” mean? Just about everybody says “stop” since we all have learned to imbue certain colors with meaning …

Neurons that detect motion rapidly switch between modes of data collection

La Jolla, CA – Form does follow function, as far as visual cortex neurons tasked with perceiving action are concerned. Far from being the static nerve cells …

Your brain cells may ‘know’ more than you let on by your behavior

La Jolla, CA – We often make unwise choices although we should know better. Thunderstorm clouds ominously darken the horizon. We nonetheless go out without an umbrella because we are …

Salk Professor Thomas Albright Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

La Jolla, CA – Thomas Albright, a Salk Institute professor of neuroscience and director of the vision center laboratory, was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. On …


BS, Psychology, University of Maryland
PhD, Psychology and Neuroscience, Princeton University
Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University


Awards & Honors

  • National Commission on Forensic Science Commissioner, 2015-2017
  • Indian Institute of Science Visiting Centenary Professor, 2011-2013
  • Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA) President, 2013
  • National Academy of Sciences Member, 2008
  • American Academy of Arts And Sciences Fellow, 2003
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow, 2009
  • Neurosciences Research Program Associate, 2006
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, 1997-2006
  • National Academy of Sciences Award for Initiatives in Research, 1995
  • McKnight Neuroscience Development Award, 1991
  • Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship, 1989