Thomas Albright

Professor and Director

Vision Center Laboratory

Conrad T. Prebys Chair in Vision Research

Tom Albright
Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Publications


Wachtler T, Sejnowski TJ and Albright TD (2003) Representation of color stimuli in awake macaque primary visual cortex. Neuron, 37, 681-691.

Krekelberg B and Albright TD (2005) Motion mechanisms in macaque MT, J. Neurophysiol., 93, 2908-2921.

Messinger A, Squire LR, Zola SM, and Albright TD (2005) Neural correlates of knowledge: Stable representation of stimulus associations across variations in behavioral performance. Neuron, 48, 359-371.

Krekelberg B, Van Wezel RJ, Albright TD (2006) Interactions between speed and contrast tuning in Middle Temporal Area: Implications for the neural code for speed. J. Neurosci., 26, 8988-8998.

Huang X, Albright TD, and Stoner GR. (2007) Adaptive surround modulation in cortical area MT. Neuron. 53:761-770.

Schlack A, and Albright TD. (2007) Remembering Visual Motion: Neural Correlates of Associative Plasticity and Motion Recall in Cortical Area MT. Neuron. 53:881-890.

Schlack A, Krekelberg B, and Albright TD. (2007). Recent history of stimulus speeds affects the speed tuning of neurons in area MT. J. Neurosci., 27, 11009-11018.

Bell S, Sah S, Albright TD, Gates Jr. SJ, Denton MB and Casadevall A (2018) A call for more science in forensic science. PNAS, 115 (18) 4541-4544.


BS, Psychology, University of Maryland
PhD, Psychology and Neuroscience, Princeton University
Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University

Awards & Honors

  • 2008 National Academy of Sciences
  • 2003 American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • 1997 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
  • 1995 National Academy of Sciences Award for Initiatives in Research
  • 1991 McKnight Neuroscience Development Award
  • 1989 Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship