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Greg Lemke
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In surprising twist, some Alzheimer’s plaques may be protective, not destructive

LA JOLLA—One of the characteristic hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the buildup of amyloid-beta plaques in the brain. Most therapies designed to treat AD target these plaques, but they’ve …

Salk researchers accelerate, expand COVID-19 research

LA JOLLA—As the COVID-19 pandemic continues across the globe, the Salk Institute joins in efforts to understand the fundamental science behind the novel coronavirus to pave the way to treatments …

Brain guardians remove dying neurons

LA JOLLA—By adolescence, your brain already contains most of the neurons that you’ll have for the rest of your life. But a few regions continue to grow new nerve cells—and …

Dynamic duo takes out the cellular trash

UPDATE: Additional research from the Salk Institute published September 29 in eLife further details how the two receptors are critically different, having implications for treatments for autoimmune disease.

LA JOLLA—In most …

Potent mechanism helps viruses shut down body’s defense system against infection

LA JOLLA, CA—Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have discovered a powerful mechanism by which viruses such as influenza, West Nile and Dengue evade the body’s immune response …

Salk Scientist appointed inaugural holder of Françoise Gilot-Salk Chair

LA JOLLA, CA—The Salk Institute is pleased to announce that faculty member Greg Lemke has been named the inaugural holder of the Françoise Gilot-Salk Chair, in recognition of his significant …

The battle of the morphogens: How to get ahead in the nervous system

LA JOLLA, CA—If you think today’s political rhetoric is overheated, imagine what goes on inside a vertebrate embryo. There, two armies whose agendas are poles apart, engage in a battle …

The “S” stands for surprise: Anticoagulant plays unexpected role in maintaining circulatory integrity

LA JOLLA, CA—Protein S, a well-known anticoagulant protein, keeps the blood flowing in more than one way, discovered researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. The protein contributes to …

Molecular “trip switch” shuts down inflammatory response

La Jolla, CA – Like a circuit breaker that prevents electrical wiring from overheating and bringing down the house, a tiny family of three molecules stops the immune system from …

Three Salk scientists named 2007 AAAS Fellows

LA JOLLA, CA—Professors Ursula Bellugi, Walter Eckhart and Greg E. Lemke have been awarded the distinction of AAAS Fellow, an honor that is bestowed upon members of the American Association …

Vax and Pax: taking turns to build an eye

La Jolla, CA – Opposing ball clubs don’t take the field at the same time, and neither do teams of proteins responsible for creating the eye. …

Bone marrow cells hand natural killer cells their license to attack dangerous invaders

La Jolla, CA – A collaboration between scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the Pasteur Institute in Paris has uncovered the molecular signals that …

Unrestrained retina too much of a good thing

La Jolla, CA – When primitive nerve cells begin forming an eye in the mouse embryo, they are programmed to build a retina. But the ability to see depends upon …

Salk Scientists Provide New Mouse Model For Autoimmunity

La Jolla, CA – Salk scientists have created an animal model for autoimmune diseases that closely mirrors the perplexing patterns of symptoms observed in human autoimmunity, including an increased susceptibility …


BS, Life Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
PhD, Biology, California Institute of Technology
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Columbia University

Awards & Honors

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellow, 2007-Current
  • Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award, 1994-2001
  • Rita Allen Scholars Award, 1990-1995
  • Basil O’Connor Starter Scholar Award, March of Dimes, 1987-1989
  • Pew Scholar Award, 1986-1990
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1983-1985
  • Kroc Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 1979-1981