Björn Lillemeier

Associate Professor
NOMIS Center for Immunobiology and Microbial Pathogenesis
Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Center

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Videos


New insight into how the immune system sounds the alarm

T cells are the guardians of our bodies: they constantly search for harmful invaders and diseased cells, ready to swarm and kill off any threats. A better understanding of these watchful sentries could allow scientists to boost the immune response against evasive dangers (e.g., cancer or infections), or to silence it when it mistakenly attacks the body itself (e.g., autoimmune disorders or allergies). Read more »


Undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, Free University Berlin (Germany) and Cancer Research UK (formerly Imperial Cancer Research Fund, U.K.)
PhD, Biochemistry, Cancer Research UK (formerly Imperial Cancer Research Fund) and University College London (U.K.)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University (U.S.A.)

Awards & Honors

  • 2013 Helen McLoraine Developmental Chair
  • 2012 NIH Director's New Innovator Award
  • 2010 Rudolph and Sletten Developmental Chair
  • 2002 Human Frontier Science Program Fellowship
  • 1997 Böhringer Ingelheim Fonds Scholarship
  • 1996 Dr. Carl Duisberg Stiftung Scholarship