Todd Michael, PhD

Research Professor

Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory

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Salk Institute receives $50 million from Hess Corporation to mitigate climate change through plant science

LA JOLLA—Hess Corporation is donating $50 million to the Salk Institute’s Campaign for Discovery: The Power of Science, a seven-year, $750 million comprehensive fundraising campaign to attract the people and …

Salk Research Professor Todd Michael receives $2 million to build a genome repository for the cassava plant

Todd MichaelClick here for a high-resolution image.Credit: Salk Institute

LA JOLLA–Research Professor Todd Michael will receive nearly $2 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to sequence the genomes of …

Study shines a light into “black holes” in the Arabidopsis genome

LA JOLLA—Salk scientists, collaborating with researchers from the University of Cambridge and Johns Hopkins University, have sequenced the genome of the world’s most widely used model plant species, Arabidopsis thaliana, …

Secrets of quillwort photosynthesis could boost crop efficiency

LA JOLLA—The humble quillworts are an ancient group of about 250 small, aquatic plants that have largely been ignored by modern botanists. Now, Salk scientists, along with researchers from the …

Salk plant researchers launch collaboration to breed carbon-capturing sorghum

LA JOLLA—Researchers at the Salk Institute’s Harnessing Plants Initiative (HPI) have established a five-year, $6.2 million collaboration with Nadia Shakoor, principal investigator and senior research scientist and her team at …

Research catches up to world’s fastest-growing plant

LA JOLLA—Wolffia, also known as duckweed, is the fastest-growing plant known, but the genetics underlying this strange little plant’s success have long been a mystery to scientists. Now, thanks to …

Salk Institute and Sempra Energy announce project to advance plant-based carbon capture and storage research

SAN DIEGO and LA JOLLA—The Salk Institute and Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE) today announced a new project to advance plant-based carbon capture and sequestration research, education and implementation to help …

Plant geneticist Todd Michael joins Salk Institute

LA JOLLA—Todd Michael will return to Salk as a research professor in the Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory, where he will oversee his own research group as well as …


BA, University of Virginia
PhD, Dartmouth College
Postdoctoral training: Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Awards & Honors

  • 2016 - Research Fellow, Volwiler Society, Abbott Laboratories
  • 2011 - Associate Fellow, Monsanto Science Fellows Society
  • Named as one of Genome Technology’s 2008 "Tomorrow’s PIs"
  • 2003 - Hannah Croasdale Award for Outstanding Graduate Work