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Frequently Asked Questions

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Salk's Cancer Center - Frequently Asked Questions



What is the mission of Salk’s Cancer Center?

  • The Cancer Center aims to unite world-class faculty with interdisciplinary research techniques to advance scientific understanding of cancer. By bringing research discoveries from the basic science lab bench through to preclinical trials, the Cancer Center works to establish foundational cancer knowledge, collaborate with clinical centers, and improve human health.

What makes the Cancer Center’s research unique?

  • The collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts within Salk Institute and with sister cancer centers give the Cancer Center unique access to resources, techniques, and minds.

How long until we find a cure for cancer?

  • Finding a cure for cancer is no small feat—and not all cancer types can be treated the same way. While it’s impossible to predict, the Cancer Center faculty are committed to continuing to bring us closer than ever to a world where cancer is no longer a terminal diagnosis.

Why support the Cancer Center?

  • The Institute is uniquely qualified to cut cancer’s roots. We have been a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center since 1973, one of only 72 in the nation, and one of only seven such centers focused entirely on basic research. More than 30 Salk labs are officially part of the center, and scientists throughout the campus collaborate to understand and eradicate cancer.

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