W. Travis Berggren

Senior Director

Scientific Core Facilities Senior Director's Office

W. Travis Berggren
Salk Institute for Biological Studies - W. Travis Berggren

W. Travis Berggren

About Scientific Core Facilities at the Salk Institute

The Salk Institute’s unique scientific core facilities provide faculty, researchers and students with an array of specialized equipment, technologies and services to support the Institute’s innovative research. Thirteen cores operate under the senior director of scientific core facilities as shared resources, offering a wide variety of services, instruments and technologies critical for advancing the pace of discovery in biological research. Each core typically offers unique or high-end instrumentation and equipment that is most effectively shared by users from multiple labs.

The senior director’s office provides general management and oversight for administrative, scientific, budgetary and personnel matters for all the scientific core research facilities at the Salk Institute. The senior director focuses on long-term strategic planning and initiating new core facilities when needed, and merging or decommissioning core resources when necessary. This office is a key liaison with the faculty to assure that core resources meet current needs and evolve with the rapid pace of scientific discovery at the Institute.

Each core has its own director, assistant director or manager who serves as the technical lead for planning, implementation and maintenance of their core resources. Directors oversee staff and day-to-day operations within their cores. They provide scientific consultations and engage in teaching, training and outreach to scientific and lay audiences with a focus on promoting their technologies and services to the benefit of Salk researchers. All of the core facilities operate on a recharge or fee-for-service basis, but they all offer highly subsidized rates as a result of federal, state and private philanthropic grant and gift support. The Salk Institute has made major commitments to advancing these facilities, and their continued success is critical to maintaining the highest quality of biological research.

About the Senior Director

W. Travis Berggren, Ph.D. joined the Salk Institute in 2007 as the founding director for the Stem Cell Research Core Facility. Travis brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in stem cell biology to this position from the WiCell Research Institute, where he established and ran a core research program centered on mass spectrometry-based proteomic analysis of hES cells. There he worked closely with scientific director James A. Thomson and learned the “art” of hES culture from this leader in the field. Since 2010, he has taken on the additional role of Senior Director of Scientific Core Facilities to provide institutional oversight for all shared scientific core resources at the institute.


BS Chemistry, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA
PhD Analytical Chemistry, University of Madison, Madison, WI