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Salk Fellows ProgramThe Salk Institute’s Salk Fellows Program brings scientists from broad disciplines to the Institute to trigger innovation and perpetuate the collaborative spirit of the Salk. Most fellows will come directly from a PhD or MD program and have expertise in a wide range of innovative technologies. Their work will have a combination of novelty, originality and risk, factors that often lower the chances of obtaining support through traditional channels.

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Current opening: Salk Fellow in the NOMIS Center for Immunobiology and Microbial Pathogenesis

Current Salk Fellows

Talmo Pereira

Talmo Pereira developed computational methods for quantifying animal behavior through motion tracking technology that leverages artificial intelligence (AI). He is interested in building and using computational tools that leverage AI to solve biological problems that would not be tractable otherwise. At Salk, he plans to develop new computational methods to quantify and model biological dynamics across a diverse set of application areas, including social behavior, motor control, plant morphology, and single cell states throughout development and disease.

Adam Bowman

Adam Bowman is an applied physicist who develops microscopy techniques to study signals within live cells and tissues. His work allows scientists to capture high-speed images and to gain quantitative insight into how communication underlies biological function.

Alumni of the Salk Fellows Program

  • Dmitry Lyumkis
    Lyumkis is currently an Assistant Professor at the Salk Institute. Lyumkis Lab »
  • Patrick Hsu
    Hsu is currently an Assistant Professor at Berkeley Bioengineering. Hsu Lab »
  • Jesse Dixon
    Dixon is currently an Assistant Professor at the Salk Institute. Dixon Lab »