Stem Cell Core

Scheduling & Rates

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Stem Cell Core - Scheduling & Rates

Scheduling & Rates


Services listed below are provided by STEM Core Staff on a recharge basis. For specific pricing, contact STEM Core.

  • Training on pluripotent cell culture
  • Fibroblast derivation
  • Reprogramming
  • Cell line expansion
  • Pluripotency validation
  • Custom media production
  • Directed differentiation to select lineages

Incucyte Live Cell Imaging

Recharge Rates

The Stem Cell Core operates on a recharge basis. Commonly used reagents and materials are purchased in bulk at discount pricing; these discounts are passed on to STEM Core users. Validated reagents are provided at cost, on a daily sign out, monthly recharge basis.

STEM Core users are charged a flat rate of $50/$100 per month, based on usage, to cover plastics, disposables, and personal protective equipment. Costs for additional services, including hands-on training, reprogramming, cell expansion and characterization are project specific.

Contact the STEM Core for specific pricing information.