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Stem Cell Core

Stem Cell Core Facility

The Stem Cell Core Facility (STEM Core) functions as a multi-user shared research facility dedicated to supporting work involving human stem cells at the Salk Institute. The STEM Core maintains and provides well-characterized human embryonic stem (hES) cell lines and human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines, and provides the physical space, validated reagents and hands on training for scientist to use these pluripotent cells for their research goals. The Core staff has extensive experience carrying out reprogramming experiments and has dedicated space for working with viral vectors. The STEM Core also engages in it’s own independent research, optimizing published techniques to ensure reliable and reproducible methodology for Salk researchers, and pioneering novel differentiation paradigms.

In addition to providing all the cells, reagents and equipment necessary for stem cell culture, the STEM Core Director and staff provide Salk researchers with individualized training for the culture, differentiation, and reprogramming techniques specific to pluripotent human stem cells. They are available for consultation on experimental design, and can assist in getting projects involving pluripotent cells moving quickly. The facility is centrally located on the Salk campus, making it convenient for Salk researchers to 'drop in' to care for their cell cultures while staying within easy reach of their home laboratories. The STEM Core is free of federal funding making it a safe haven for research involving either the NIH registered, or non-NIH registered human ES cell lines.

At this time, the services of the STEM Core are limited to Salk researchers and their direct collaborators.

Acknowledging Core Support

For submitting manuscripts that have made use of services or resources from this core, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE SUPPORT by inclusion of the following information:

"This work was supported by the Stem Cell Core Facility of the Salk Institute with funding from the Helmsley Charitable Trust and NIH-NlA San Diego Nathan Shock Center P30 AG068635."

Please link each publication stemming from work performed in the core to your MyNCBI account. This will ensure that the contributions from NIH are appropriately acknowledged in renewal and continuation applications. This NIH requirement must be satisfied as part of our efforts to provide consistent access to stabling funded core resources. Information on how to link publications can be found here»


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