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The Stem Cell Core houses 3 cell culture suites, 2 lab benches, a microscope room, and an equipment room. Each cell culture suite is outfitted with 3-4 bio-safety cabinets, 6-8 CO2 incubators, a low oxygen incubator, and inverted microscopes and requisite equipment for stem cell culture. The STEM Core is located adjacent to the Flow Cytometry Core Facility enabling efficient cell sorting and cytometry analysis experiments.


Cell Imaging
IncuCyte Zoom – Live cell imaging system. This imaging system resides within a dedicated CO2 cell culture incubator for extended live cell imaging experiments. It is capable of phase contrast plus red/green fluorescence detection. This system has 4x, 10x and 20x objectives, and can accept a wide variety of standard cell culture dishes and multi-well plates.
Celigo adherent cell cytometer – Image live or fixed cells in 6-384 well format with bright field and/or RGB fluorescence
Vivaview live cell imager – Environmentally controlled live cell imaging platform ideal for long term studies
6x Inverted bright field microscopes 2x Inverted microscopes with fluorescence and imaging capabilities
2x Dissection microscopes for manual isolation and manipulation of stem cell colonies

Cell Culture
11x Biological safety cabinets
19x C02 Incubators
3x N2/C02 Incubators (hypoxic conditions)
3x Bench top centrifuges
3x 37°C Water baths

Amaxa Nucleofector – Cuvette-based electroporation (fixed parameters)
Amaxa Shuttle Nucleofector – 96 well high-throughput electroporation (fixed parameters)
LifeTech Neon – Tip based electroporation (adjustable parameters)

Optima L-80XP Ultracentrifuge
Allegra X-15R Plate centrifuge
Bench top temperature controlled centrifuge & microcentrifuge

Media Preparation
Milli-Q Advantage water purification system pH Meter
Balance & microbalance

Refrigerators and Freezers
3x -80°C freezers
10x -20°C freezers
6x 4°C refrigerators
2x High capacity deli refrigerators
2x MVE 800 Series Cyrostorage freezers – 11664 vial capacity, auto fill controllers

UV/Vis Spectrophotometer (cuvette based)
Perkin Elmer HTS 7000 Plus Plate reader – absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence in 6 – 384 well plates. Eppendorf Nexus Mastercycler
Fume exhaust arm

Future Services

The STEM Core Facility is currently extending its services to include genome editing techniques (CRISPR, TALEN, AAV-mediated), and expanding its directed differentiation to include additional developmental lineages.

The services, trainings, and reagents offered by the core are entirely dependent on user needs. New reagents and equipment are added regularly, and STEM Core is always interested in growing its scope and utility.


General Information & Guidelines

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