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To learn more about Salk’s Harnessing Plants Initiative, please contact:

Jane Rhett

Jane Rhett

Interim Senior Director, External Relations
Phone: (858) 453-4100 x1521
E-mail: jrhett@salk.edu


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  • Greenhouse Research Technician – The CRoPS project aims to develop crop plants that sequester more carbon via extensive root systems containing recalcitrant carbon polymers to fight climate change. A major component of this research is to grow, test and analyze a variety of plant strains and species.

    The Greenhouse Research Technician will assist in the daily research operations of the greenhouse, and in all plant culture related areas of the CRoPS project. The Greenhouse Research Assistant will support the overall activities of the CRoPS project and be involved in plant biology teams, plant care, plant harvesting, data collection, plant phenotyping, and overall greenhouse operations. They are responsible for assisting the Greenhouse Operations Lead in growing new plants from seeds and tending to the ones that are already there through watering, fertilizing, and protecting them from pests. They will also assist the Greenhouse Operations Lead and biology teams in developing best practices for successfully growing the various plant strains and species that are relevant to the CRoPS project.
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