San Diego Nathan Shock Center
Annual Symposium

The Heterogeneity of Aging

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - San Diego Nathan Shock Center
Annual Symposium - The Heterogeneity of Aging


2024 Symposium on the Heterogeneity of Aging

9:15 a.m. Breakfast and registration
Mentorship meetings, 2023 awardees and mentors only
10:00 a.m. Opening Remarks and Center updates
10:20 a.m. Vera Gorbunova, Rochester Aging Research Center
Transposons and aging
10:55 a.m. Andrey Parkhitko, University of Pittsburgh (SD-NSC Pilot grant awardee)
Targeting age-dependent metabolic reprogramming to extend healthspan
11:15 a.m. Morgan Levine, Altos Labs
ERAS: Epigenetic Rejuvenation & Aging Score
11:50 a.m. Caroline Kumsta, Sanford Burnham Prebys (SD-NSC Pilot grant awardee)
Heterogeneity of autophagy during aging
12:10 p.m. Lunch Break
1:25 p.m. Nicole Coufal, University of California, San Diego (SD-NSC Pilot grant awardee)
Human microglial aging modeled through mitochondrial progeria mutations
1:45 p.m. Peter Sudmant, University of California, Berkeley
Mitochondrial haplotype and mito-nuclear matching drive somatic mutation and selection through aging
2:20 p.m. Dibyadeep Datta, Yale University (SD-NSC Pilot grant awardee)
Elucidating the spatial and temporal progression of pathology of Alzheimer’s disease at single-cell resolution in non-human primates
2:40 p.m. Nicola Neretti, Brown University
Single-cell transcriptomics reveals markers for different forms of cellular senescence
3:15 p.m. Pilot Grant Call information session
3:30 p.m. Networking happy hour (in person only)