Paul Sawchenko

Professor Emeritus

Paul Sawchenko
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Three Salk faculty awarded endowed chairs

LA JOLLA, CA—Salk scientists Beverly M. Emerson, Christopher R. Kintner, and Paul E. Sawchenko were selected as inaugural holders of new endowed chairs created through the Joan Klein Jacobs and …

Dual role for immune cells in the brain

LA JOLLA, CA—We all have at one time or another experienced the typical signs of an infection: the fever, the listlessness, the lack of appetite. They are orchestrated by the …

Salk researchers find master switch in the brain that regulates desire for food and ability to reproduce

La Jolla, CA – Body weight and fertility have long known to be related to each other – women who are too thin, for example, can have trouble becoming pregnant. …

Salk Institute partners with the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research to study extreme obesity-related genetic disorder

La Jolla, CA – The Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research (FPWR) today announced a partnership that will forge new research to …

A possible mechanistic link between stress and the development of Alzheimer tangles

La Jolla, CA – Subjecting mice to repeated emotional stress, the kind we experience in everyday life, may contribute to the accumulation of neurofibrillary …

Salk researcher wins major National Institutes of Health grant for work on brain-immune interactions, potential autoimmune disease treatments

La Jolla, CA – A Salk Institute scientist has been awarded a $3.3 million grant and the Jacob Javits Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for his work …


BA, Biology, University of Rochester
MA, Psychology, Long Island University
PhD, Biopsychology, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Postdoctoral Fellow, Salk Institute

Awards & Honors

  • Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology
  • 1980-1982 National Institutes of Health Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • 1985-1988 McKnight Foundation Scholar's Award
  • 2003 Avits Investigator Award, NINDS, NIH