Graham McVicker

Assistant Professor

Integrative Biology Laboratory

Laboratory of Genetics

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Publications

List of Publications

van de Geijn B*, McVicker G*, Gilad Y, Pritchard JK (2015) WASP: allele-specific software for robust molecular quantitative trait locus discovery. Nature Methods.

Nalabothula N*, McVicker G*, Maiorano J, Martin R, Pritchard JK, Fondufe-Mittendorf YN (2014) The chromatin architectural proteins HMGD1 and H1 bind reciprocally and have opposite effects on chromatin structure and gene regulation. BMC Genomics.

McVicker G*, van de Geijn B*, Degner JF, Cain CE, Banovich NE, Lewellen N, Myrthil M, Gilad Y, Pritchard JK (2013) Identification of genetic variants that affect histone modification in human cells. Science.

Gaffney DJ*, McVicker G*, Pai AA, Fondufe-Mittendorf YN, Lewellen N, Michelini K, Widom J, Gilad Y, Pritchard JK (2012) Controls of nucleosome positioning in the human genome. PLOS Genetics.

McVicker G, Green P (2010) Genomic signatures of germline gene expression. Genome Research.

McVicker G, Gordon D, Davis C, Green P (2009) Widespread genomic signatures of natural selection in hominid evolution. PLOS Genetics.

Banovich NE*, Lan X*, McVicker G, van de Geijn B, Degner JF, Blischak JD, Roux J, Pritchard JK, Gilad Y. (2014) Methylation QTLs are associated with coordinated changes in transcription factor binding, histone modifications, and gene expression levels. PLOS Genetics.


PhD Genome Sciences, University of Washington
BS Computer Science, University of British Columbia

Awards & Honors

  • 2009 Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution Graduate Student Travel Award
  • 2005 Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Post Graduate Scholarship
  • 1997 University of British Columbia Outstanding Student Initiative Scholarship

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