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SD-NSC Symposium 2024

San Diego Nathan Shock Center Symposium 2024

On Wednesday March 6, 2024, the San Diego Nathan Shock Center offered a symposium titled Tackling the Heterogeneity of Aging in hybrid format. This event featured presentations from speakers from around the country, including Dr. Vera Gorbunova of University of Rochester, Dr. Morgan Levine of Altos Labs, Dr. Peter Sudmant of University of California Berkeley, and Dr. Nicola Neretti of Brown University, as well as SD-NSC Pilot Grant Awardees.

The in-person meeting included additional mentoring and networking opportunities such as a pilot grant awardees lunch, pilot grant program session, mentorship meetings, project consultation with SD-NSC Research Cores, and social happy hour.

Click here to download the workshop poster. Presentation slides and recordings can be found below:

Introduction. Gerald Shadel, Salk (Recording) and Alessandra Sacco, SBP (Recording)

Transposons and aging. Vera Gorbunova, Rochester Aging Research Center, University of Rochester (Recording)

Targeting age-dependent metabolic reprogramming to extend healthspan. Andrey Parkhitko, University of Pittsburgh (Recording)

ERAS: Epigenetic Rejuvenation & Aging Score. Morgan Levine, Altos Labs (Recording)

Heterogeneity of autophagy during aging. Caroline Kumsta, Sanford Burnham Prebys

Human microglial aging modeled through mitochondrial progeria mutations. Nicole Coufal, University of California San Diego (Recording)

Mitochondrial haplotype and mito-nuclear matching drive somatic mutation and selection through aging. Peter Sudmant, University of California Berkeley (Recording)

Elucidating the Spatial and Temporal Progression of Pathology of Alzheimer’s Disease at Single-Cell Resolution in Non-Human Primates. Dibyadeep Datta, Yale University (Recording)

Single-cell transcriptions reveals markers for different forms of cellular senescence. Nicola Neretti, Brown University (Recording)

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