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Symposium 2023

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SD-NSC Symposium 2023

San Diego Nathan Shock Center Symposium 2023

On Wednesday March 22nd of 2023, the San Diego Nathan Shock Center offered a symposium titled Tackling the Heterogeneity of Aging in hybrid format. This event featured presentations from speakers from around the country, including Dr. Michal Snyder of Stanford University, Dr. Rozalyn Anderson of the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Berenice Benayoun of the University of Southern California, Will Wang of the Sanford Burnham Prebys Institute, Dr. Rafael de Cabo of the NIH-National Institute on Aging, and SD-NSC Pilot Grant Awardees.

The in-person meeting also included additional mentoring and networking opportunities such as pilot grant consultation sessions, mentorship meetings, Core Facility tours, and a happy hour.

Click here to download the workshop poster. Presentation slides and recordings can be found below:

Introduction. Gerald Shadel, Salk and Alessandra Sacco, SBP (Recording)

The Longitudinal Study on Aging in Mice; A Look into Heterogeneity. Rafael de Cabo, NIH/National Institute on Aging

Sex-specific remodeling of murine macrophages during aging. Berenice Benayoun, University of Southern California

Metabolism of Aging in Monkeys and Mice. Rozalyn Anderson, University of Wisconsin

Human T Cell Inflammation in Aging. Leena Bharath, Merrimack College

Extracellular vesicles as target for interventions toward countering disease-associated features of aging in a mouse model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Chiara Nicoletti, SPB

The dynamics and heterogeneity of cell fates during cellular senescence. Xu Zhang, Mayo Clinic

Identifying Mediators of Bioenergetic Decline in Peripheral Cells of Older Adults Across a Spectrum of Cognitive Abilities. Gargi Mahapatra, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Spatial-omic revelations in skeletal muscle regeneration and aging. Will Wang, SBP

Remote health monitoring using microsampling and wearables. Michael Snyder, Stanford University (Recording)

For more information about the 2023 speakers, please click here.

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