San Diego Nathan Shock Center

Sequencing and Single Cell Analysis

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - San Diego Nathan Shock Center - Sequencing and Single Cell Analysis

Sequencing and Genomic Services

1) Library preparation for bulk sequencing

We provide the following library prep services for bulk RNA and DNA sequencing:

    • Illumina Stranded mRNA library
    • Illumina Total RNA-Seq library
    • Nextera XT/Flex DNA Library
    • NEB ChIP-Seq library prep
    • Takara Ultra-Low input RNA-Seq cDNA Prep
    • PCR-free sample Prep

2) Library preparation for single-cell/nuclei sequencing (reserved for local awardees)

We provide the following 10x Genomics library prep services for single-cell and single-nuclei sequencing:

    • Single-cell 3’ v3.1
    • Single-cell ATAC
    • Single-cell Multiome
    • Single-cell 5’ VDJ v2

3) Next-Gen sequencing

We provide a broad range of sequencing services by using the following Illumina sequencers:

    • NovaSeq 6000
    • NextSeq 2000
    • MiniSeq
    • MiSeq

4) Digital gene expression with the nCounter MAX

We provide robust digital gene expression assays for low quantity and/or degraded RNA samples by using the nanoString nCounter MAX Analysis system along with gene panels that can target up to 800 genes.

5) Whole tissue spatial transcriptomics and proteomics assays with the NanoString GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (Coming in 2024)

Next Generation Sequencing Core contact: