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Heterogeneity of Aging

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Heterogeneity of Aging

Human Cell Models of Aging

Heterogeneity of Aging

The overarching goal of the SD-NSC Heterogeneity of Aging Core is to enable investigations into the heterogeneity of aging over a broad range of scales (from molecules to organelles to single cells and tissues) by providing access to a diverse suite of analytical technologies. Major resources offered include the ability to:

  • Obtain single-cell sequencing for transcriptomic and epigenetic analysis, high-end mass spectrometry services, and multimodal, high-resolution imaging for the analysis of the heterogeneity of cell and tissue aging studies.
  • Receive advice on experimental design and high-resolution analysis related to single-cell transcriptomic and epigenetic approaches, and proteomic and metabolomic techniques with enhanced spatial and temporal resolution.
  • Develop and disseminate novel methods and protocols, including artificial intelligence-based image processing algorithms.

Services and prices*

*Listed SD-NSC subsidized rates apply to Pilot Grant Applicants and SD-NSC affiliated aging researchers. NSC affiliates and non-NSC affiliated aging researchers: please inquire.

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