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Mass Spectrometry Core

Mass Spectrometry Core for Proteomics and Metabolomics

The role of the Mass Spectrometry Core is to provide access and services involving state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques for analyzing targeted and complex mixtures of proteins and small molecules (metabolites). Within a cell, tissue or organism, it is the proteins and small molecules that are the building blocks, workhorses and functional molecules that carry out the instructions from the genome. In healthy cells and tissues, it is these proteins and metabolites that keep biological processes functioning properly. In disease states, proteomic and metabolomics studies can give new and meaningful insight into the mechanisms of what went wrong.

Acknowledging Core Support

For submitting manuscripts that have made use of services or resources from this core, PLEASE ACKNOWLDGE SUPPORT by inclusion of the following information:

“This work was supported by the Mass Spectrometry Core of the Salk Institute with funding from NIH-NCI CCSG: P30 CA01495, NIH-NlA San Diego Nathan Shock Center P30 AG068635, an NIH S10 award for metabolic instrumentation: S10 OD021815, and the Helmsley Center for Genomic Medicine. We thank J. Diedrich and A. M. Pinto for technical support.”

Please link each publication stemming from work performed in the core to your MyNCBI account. This will ensure that the contributions from NIH are appropriately acknowledged in renewal and continuation applications for the P30 awards. This NIH requirement must be satisfied as part of our efforts to provide consistent access to stabling funded core resources. Information on how to link publications can be found here»


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