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Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Core - Overview


The Biophotonics Core Facility

The Biophotonics Core Facility, equipped with the latest cutting-edge commercial imaging and data analysis technologies, will provide technical and logistical access to Salk faculty, enabling the integration of imaging tools into biological research programs. Instrumentation that will be available for core use includes: confocal microscopy (both fixed and live cell), TIRF microscopy, two-photon microscopy, electron microscopy and super-resolution microscopy as well as in vivo imaging modalities.

Supported in part by:

The Waitt Foundation
National Cancer Institute
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Acknowledging Core Support

For submitting manuscripts that have made use of services or resources from this core, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE SUPPORT by inclusion of the following information:

“This work was supported by the Waitt Advanced Biophotonics Core Facility of the Salk Institute with funding from NIH-NCI CCSG: P30 CA01495, NIH-NlA San Diego Nathan Shock Center P30 AG068635, and the Waitt Foundation.”

Please acknowledge core staff where appropriate and consider authorship inclusion when scientific contributions merit.

Please link each publication stemming from work performed in the core to your MyNCBI account. This will ensure that the contributions from NIH are appropriately acknowledged in renewal and continuation applications. This NIH requirement must be satisfied as part of our efforts to provide consistent access to stabling funded core resources. Information on how to link publications can be found here»


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