Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Breakthrough Philanthropy

Breakthrough Philanthropy

May 12 Thursday

Opening Remarks
Edwin Hunter
Hunter, Hunter and Sonnier


Alan Saghatelian
Salk Institute

The Power of Curiosity: From Tidepool to Moonshot

Elizabeth Blackburn [Link] Salk Institute

Tax Developments and Trends in Biomedical Philanthropy

Suzanne McDowell [Link] Steptoe and Johnson

Trustee Liability & Whistleblowing in Biomedical Philanthropy

Darren Moore [Link 1] [Link 2] Bourland, Wall & Wenzel

Paul Dostart [Link] Dostart, Hannink & Coveney

Moonshots to Dreamteams: Curing Cancer

Moderator: Mike Nunn – Salk Institute

Tony Hunter [Link] Salk Institute

Robert Abraham [Link] Pfizer Oncology R&D

Jon Retzlaff [Link] American Association for Cancer Research
Managing Director for Science Policy and Government Affairs

Moonshots to Dreamteams: Curing the Diseases of Aging

Moderator: Mike Nunn – Salk Institute

Mark Collins [Link] Glenn Foundation

Andrew Keller Link] Meadows Mental Health Public Policy Institute

Vicki Lundblad
Salk Institute

May 13, 2016 – FRIDAY
Public-Private Partnerships: Mapping the
Frontiers of Neuroscience

Moderator:  Mike Nunn – Salk Institute  

Ed Callaway [Link] Salk Institute

Nick Spitzer [Link] Calbrain and UCSD

Maria Freire [Link] Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

Doug Freeman [Link] First Foundation

Impact Investing: Endowments, Strategic
Philanthropy, Program Related Investments

Moderator: Edwin Hunter [Link] Hunter, Hunter & Sonnier

Anthony Werley [Link] J.P. Morgan

Douglas Freeman [Link] First Foundation

Andrew Schulz [Link] Arabella Advisors/New Venture Fund

High-Impact STEM Philanthropy

Moderator: Mary Walshok
UCSD Extension and STEAM Connect,

Edward Abeyta [Link] University of California, San Diego Extension

Heather Lattimer [Link] University of San Diego

Peter Callstrom [Link] SD Workforce Partnership

Keynote Ted Waitt [Link]
Waitt Foundation