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December 2017

Getting straight to the heart of the matter in stem cells

Science Daily

Nup98 Protein Found to Play Critical Role in Blood Cell Differentiation

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Getting straight to the heart of the matter in stem cells

Medical Xpress

Getting Straight To The Heart Of The Matter In Stem Cells


Multifunctional Protein Contributes To Blood Cell Development

Scientists Are Engineering Carbon-Storing Plants to Fight Climate Change


When Your Spinal Cord Takes Charge

Neuroscience News

When your spinal cord takes charge


Researchers discover spinal cord neurons that inhibit distracting input to focus on task at hand

Medical Xpress

Adapted Crispr gene editing tool could treat incurable diseases, say scientists

The Guardian

Researchers Advance Techniques To Change Gene Regulation And Treat Disease In Mice


Scientists use CRISPR to turn genes on without editing their DNA

Los Angeles Times

Researchers share $22m Breakthrough prize as science gets rock star treatment

The Guardian

The New Plants That Could Save Us From Climate Change

Popular Mechanics

Salk President Elizabeth Blackburn named one of 23 greatest living scientists by CEO World magazine

CEO World

Salk Board Chairman Emeritus Irwin Jacobs and wife, Joan, listed #6 of America’s 10 most generous philanthropists


UdeM celebrates the exceptional career of one of its graduates, Dr. Roger Guillemin

Université de Montréal

These 12 People Are Changing Science


Behind the boom in machine learning


June 2017

Salk Institute ‘Masterpiece of Modern Architecture’ Restoration Complete

Times of San Diego

The Getty completes major renovation project of Kahn’s Salk Institute

Archinect News

Salk Institute Establishes Architecture Endowment

Design and Home

Salk Institute launches architectural endowment focused on historic preservation

The Architects Newspaper

Solving Salk’s Mystery


Salk Researchers Streamline Protein-Protein Interaction Technique

Genome Web

New method to rapidly map the ‘social networks’ of proteins

Phys Org

New Method to Rapidly Map the ‘Social Networks’ of Proteins

Science Newsline Biology

Strong scientific research underpins biotech boom in San Diego

The Korea Herald

Seeding the Field

Howard Hughes Medical Insitute

This Exercise Pill Could Deliver All the Benefits of Working out—Without All the Effort

Readers Digest

What’s Time is Dinner?

BBC World Service

Salk Institute scientist Eiman Azim named Pew Scholar and Aging Brain Scholar

Health Medicine Network

Salk Institute scientist Eiman Azim named Pew Scholar and Aging Brain Scholar


Salk Institute Researchers Study How the Brain Recognizes What the Eyes See

NBC News

13 Buildings That Have Aged Magnificently


The 22 most beautiful buildings in the world, according to architects


Stem cell stories that caught our eye: brains, brains and more brains!

CIRM, California's Stem Cell Agency

A better dye job for roots — in plants

Health Medicine Network

Running on Empty

The Scientist

Researchers Identify a Key Link Between the Brain’s Immune Cells and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Huntington's Disease News

A better dye job for roots—in plants

Phys Org

A better dye job for roots — in plants


May 2017

Brain’s immune cells linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia

Science Daily

Helping Plants ‘Pump Iron’

Laboratory Equipment

Helping plants pump iron

Seed Daily

Helping plants pump iron

Science Daily

California Today: Grabbing Hold of the Life Sciences Industry

The New York Times

Extra-Ordinary Collusion

San Diego Art Institute

Mouse study brings exercise pill a step closer


She’s got a radical approach for the age of superbugs: Don’t fight infections. Learn to live with them


Culture Report: Salk Scientists’ Latest Experiment Is Collaborating With Artists

Voice of San Diego

Creative Minds: Studying the Human Genome in 3D

National Institute of Health

Crean una nueva técnica que ‘apaga’ los genes que provocan cáncer

Redacción médica

Time on Your Side

SETI Institute

Exercise may one day be prescribed in a pill

Quirks and Quarks

‘Exercise in a pill’ helps mice

ABC News

Novel tool confers targeted, stable editing of epigenome in human stem cells

Medical Press

Novel tool confers targeted, stable editing of epigenome in human stem cells

eCancer News

Health Buzz: One Day, A Pill Might Offer You the Same Benefits As Exercise

US News

‘Exercise Without Workout’ Pill Being Tested

Voice of America

‘Second genetic code’ edited in stem cells to study disease-causing changes

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Novel tool confers targeted, stable editing of epigenome in human stem cells

Science Daily

Exercise in a Pill Just Took a Step Closer to Reality

NBC News

With An Injection, Mice Nearly Double Their Endurance


January 2017

Research at the Salk Institute suggests simple nutrient support may help cure infections


Elizabeth Blackburn on the telomere effect: ‘It’s about keeping healthier for longer’

The Guardian

Embryos that are human-pig hybrids offer hope for patients who need organ transplants

Los Angeles Times

New Insight Describes connection between Salmonella infection and appetite loss

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Bacteria’s sneaky way to spread by getting you to eat more

New Atlas

Salk scientists’ breakthrough in understanding HIV genetic structure Read more: San Diego Community News Group – Salk scientists’ breakthrough in understanding HIV genetic structure

San Diego News

First human-pig chimera is a step toward custom organs

Wired Magazine

Human-pig hybrid created in the lab—here are the facts

National Geographic

Human muscle cells are growing inside of a pig

Time Magazine

Scientists take first steps to growing human organs in pigs

Associated Press

New prospects for growing human replacement organs in animals

The New York Times

Scientists create a part-human, part-pig embryo — raising the possibility of interspecies organ transplants

The Washington Post

Salmonella encourage appetite to promote spread, Salk Institute study finds

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Microbe that causes food poisoning exerts a sort of mind control over mice

Science Magazine

Feed a cold, starve a fever? Not so fast, study suggests

Science Daily

Why our telomeres matter


Salk scientists show how microenvironment signals encourage growth of pancreatic tumors

News Medical

Pancreatic cancer cure research 2017: Blocking deadly tumor growth may be possible, scientists say

Medical Daily

Curb your immune enthusiasm

Science Newsline Biology

Curb your immune enthusiasm

Drug Magazine

Pancreatic tumors rely on signals from surrounding cells

Science Daily

Scientists discover how to prevent undesirable immune attacks on therapeutic viruses

Environmental News Network

Have scientists found a way to actually reduce the effects of aging?


Why you should be patient with your indecisive teen

Science Friday

Scientists turn back the clock on aging


A Nobel prize-winning biologist’s advice for aging well and preventing disease

The Huffington Post

Worms have teenage ambivalence, too

Teen worms are just as angsty as teen humans, study suggests

U. S. News & World Report

Elusive structure of HIV machinery cracked

News Today

Worms have teenage ambivalence, too

Science Magazine

Scientists crack the structure of HIV machinery

Scientists crack the structure of HIV machinery

Science Daily

How to control aging

Scientific American

Top 10 tech trends transforming humanity

The Huffington Post

“Telomere Effect”: How exercise, diet and sleep affect aging

CBS News

You may have more control over aging than you think

Business Insider

December 2016

Irwin Jacobs: from telecom mogul to Salk Institute leader

The San Diego Union-Tribune

A brain in a dish: 3D mini-brains prove to be remarkably accurate


Salk scientists reverse signs of aging–live on KUSI (Part 1)


Salk scientists reverse signs of aging– live on KUSI (Part 2)


Salk scientists reverse signs of aging live

Fox 5 News

Scientists take on what was once thought impossible: reversing aging

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Scientists successfully lengthen mice’s lifespan by 30 percent

Popular Mechanics

Aging is reversible—at least in human cells and live mice

Scientific American

Scientists may have found a way to reverse aging

New York Magazine

Scientists say the clock of aging may be reversible

The New York Times

Experiments on mice suggest aging can be reversed

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Ageing process may be reversible, scientists claim

The Guardian

Researchers rejuvenate aging mice with stem cell genes

Science Magazine

Salk Institute president and Nobel prize winner discusses her life in science

La Jolla Light

For Stem Cells to Be Healthy, Telomere Length Has to Be Just Right, Scientists Find


Telomere Elongation Compromises Pluripotency In Stem Cells


The Goldilocks effect in aging research

Front Line Genomics

Genetic Housekeeping Nowhere without NoBody Microprotein

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Salk Researchers Say Plant May Hold Key To Drought Resistance


Scientists find that for stem cells to be healthy, telomere length has to be just right


Small but mighty: Tiny proteins with big roles in biology (Update)


Team Discovers Small Protein Important for Cellular Housekeeping


Scientists find new ‘microprotein’ hiding in human genome


Collaboration uncovers how molecular machines assemble

Multi-institutional collaboration uncovers how molecular machines assemble

Science Daily

December 2014

New lung cancer treatment

San Diego 6 The CW

Worms’ mental ‘GPS’ helps them find dinner

Science World Report

Navigating the stage with a disability

The Wall Street Journal