August 24, 2023

Thank you to our sponsors for a spectacular 27th Symphony at Salk

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Thank you to our sponsors for a spectacular 27th Symphony at Salk

A full audience of sponsors and community members was entertained by the sensational sounds of the San Diego Symphony, led by conductor Sean O’Loughlin, together with special guest Jennifer Hudson on Saturday, August 19, at the 27th annual Symphony at Salk.

Symphony at Salk 2023
Symphony at Salk 2023
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Credit: Salk Institute

The concert under the stars featured a mix of classical and Broadway numbers performed by the San Diego Symphony and other popular songs by Hudson, a two-time GRAMMY® Award-winning recording artist, Academy Award-winning actress, and Tony and Emmy Award-winning producer. The evening opened with a spectacular sunset over the Pacific Ocean and ended with the crowd on its feet, dancing and singing along with Hudson.

Throughout the night, attendees also helped celebrate the 50th anniversary of Salk’s Cancer Center and the many life-changing discoveries its researchers have produced over these decades; and learned about Salk’s Campaign for Discovery, a seven-year, $750 million effort to attract the people and acquire the technology and space necessary to expand and accelerate Salk’s discoveries for decades to come.

The event was dedicated in honor of the Institute’s dear friend Françoise Gilot, who died earlier this year. Gilot was an icon in the art world, wife of the Institute’s late founder Jonas Salk, and Honorary Chair of Symphony at Salk since its inception.

The night was a great success thanks to Salk’s many generous sponsors, who help to continue the bold work Salk scientists pursue every day in their efforts to make the world a healthier place to live.
Thank you.

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