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28th annual Symphony at Salk to feature David Foster and Katharine McPhee on August 17

LA JOLLA—On Saturday, August 17, the Salk Institute will celebrate 28 years of Symphony at Salk, its premier annual concert under the stars. The unforgettable night will feature a performance by the San Diego Symphony with special guest artists David Foster, 16-time Grammy Award®-winning musician, composer, and producer, and Katharine McPhee, acclaimed singer and television/Broadway star.

The unique experience includes a champagne reception and gourmet dinner followed by an immersive, intimate concert, all set in the Institute’s courtyard with stunning views over the Pacific Ocean. Attendees will be surrounded by Louis Kahn’s masterwork of modern architecture lit with images of science and art.

“Symphony at Salk is not just an event,” Salk President Gerald Joyce says. “It’s a celebration where we open our iconic campus and bring together top leaders in science, philanthropy, government, media, and industry to connect and enrich our understanding of the world.”

The event supports the Salk Institute’s wide-ranging scientific inquiries, which have yielded more than 60 years of life-changing discoveries. The Institute, an independent nonprofit, seeks to understand the foundations of biology and address pressing global challenges such as cancer, aging, and climate change.

Sponsorships and individual tickets are available now at For more information, please call 858-597-0657.

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