Salk Institute for Biological Studies - May 21 RSVP

May 21 RSVP

Monday, May 21, 2018 5 –7 p.m.
Conrad T. Prebys Auditorium at Salk

Join us for a presentation on cutting-edge discoveries by two of Salk's distinguished researchers.

Rusty Gage

Highlights of discoveries from the past year

Rusty H. Gage, PhD
Interim President
Professor, Laboratory of Genetics
Vi and John Adler Chair for Research on Age-Related Neurodegenerative Disease

Joe Noel

Plants, Climate Change, Carbon, Cork and You!

Joe Noel, PhD
Professor and Director, Jack H. Skirball Center for Chemical Biology and Proteomics
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Arthur and Julie Woodrow Chair

Our own health and that of future generations lies not just in medical advances, but more importantly scientific advances to solve larger issues of planetary health. With a current population of over 7.5 billion carbon-based people, the demand for natural resources is on track to dramatically alter our climate for our children and future generations. Plants hold the key to sustainability for current and future generations. Salk science is now being used to focus attention on these global issues. Our plant biology program will generate new technologies to intelligently solve this global crisis.