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Affinity Groups

Salk affinity groups offer employees and trainees an opportunity for meaningful connection while at Salk and beyond. Each of the groups below connects members from diverse backgrounds through a shared affinity. Although the goals and mission of each group are unique, they all align with Salk’s Institute-wide goals for advancing inclusion and belonging.

Asian Pacific Islander and Desi at Salk (APIDAS)

APIDAS aims to foster greater understanding of the diverse identities that comprise the Asian diaspora, with an emphasis on leveraging cultural values for increased success in scientific collaborations at Salk and beyond.

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The Black Association at Salk (BAS)

The BAS mission is to maintain a space of unity for the existing Black members of Salk, and to ensure a voice for those to come. BAS membership is comprised of individuals, regardless of racial identity, who are personally invested in creating a sense of belonging for Black members of the Salk community.

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Underrepresented Minorities Advancing Scientific Engagement (URMase)

The URMase mission is to build a community of support for Salk scientists who are from backgrounds historically underrepresented in STEM. This group partners with Education Outreach to make science accessible to underserved communities in San Diego County.

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Salk Pride Society (SPS)

The Salk Pride Society mission is to promote a safe, inclusive, and equitable workplace community for all LGBTQIA+ members and supporters at the Institute.

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Parents & Caregivers at Salk (ParCS)

The ParCS mission is to provide support, guidance, networking and social opportunities, and community to promote the wellbeing of Salk employees with caregiving responsibilities.

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