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Immigration Information for Labs/Departments

J-1 English Language Proficiency Form

To engage temporarily in any activity at Salk, or to be paid by Salk, a foreign national must have the proper immigration documentation. For most immigration classifications, both the lab/department and the incoming scholar must complete specific forms, as provided by Immigration Services, and submit them to Immigration Services well in advance of the scholar’s arrival at Salk. Eligibility for a particular immigration classification is determined by federal regulations.

Important factors in determining the most appropriate nonimmigrant classification may include:

  • Purpose of visit (e.g., to engage in research as part of an on-going Salk project)
  • Anticipated Salk position
  • The length of stay/dates anticipated at Salk
  • Funding source (paid by Salk and/or outside source(s))
  • Physical location (where activity/ies will be performed)
  • Any current/previous stay(s) in the US and in what status
  • Country/ies of citizenship and legal permanent residence
  • Future plans of both the scholar and the PI/Lab or Department

Please contact Mitchell for assistance in determining the appropriate nonimmigrant classification for an incoming foreign national.

No person(s) at Salk is legally authorized to promise or offer any immigration benefits or sign any immigration forms except Immigration Services staff.

General Disclaimer
Information contained on these pages is for the use of the Salk Institute’s community. Information contained herein should not be used as the sole source of information for making decisions that may affect one’s legal status in the U.S.