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Glenn Center for Research on Aging

The Glenn Center for Research on Aging was established in January 2009 with a $5 million gift from the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research. The Glenn Foundation continued their generous support with a $3 million gift in 2014. Led by Salk professors Jan Karlseder and Martin Hetzer, the Center draws from 12 of Salk’s leading laboratories specializing in genetic analysis, stem cell biology and metabolism research to address the overarching goal of defining a healthy lifespan, or healthspan, and to answer one of the most elusive questions in biology: Is there a defined biological process of aging that is universal to all organisms?

The Glenn Center supports postdoctoral associates and graduate students (Glenn Fellows) working in the laboratories of the Glenn Investigators, focusing on innovative questions that address the biology of aging. Furthermore, the Glenn Center funds state-of-the-art equipment, core support and scientific exchange for the participating laboratories. The Center has hosted six conferences on aging research, the most recent being the Symposium on the Molecular and Social Aspects of Aging in 2013, and the Symposium on Aging Research on the La Jolla Mesa in 2015.

“The biology of aging underlies all the major human diseases. To understand the fundamental aging process and to intervene is to delay the onset of disease, to extend the healthful years of life and reduce costs to society.”
— Mark R. Collins, Glenn Foundation President

A better world for older people is a better world for everyone

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