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Back to Basics

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 3 –5 p.m.
Conrad T. Prebys Auditorium at Salk

Joe Noel

Joe Noel, PhD

Plants, Climate Change, Carbon, Cork and You!

Our own health and that of future generations lies not just in medical advances, but more importantly scientific advances to solve larger issues of planetary health. With a current population of over 7.5 billion carbon-based people and realistic trends for that population to exceed 10 billion people within our lifetimes, the demand for food, fuel, fiber, materials, land, new medicines and other natural resources is on track to dramatically alter our climate for our children and future generations. Plants hold the key to sustainably and nutritiously feeding the planet, cleaning the air, restoring environments, and providing safe, effective, and entirely new medicines and raw materials for current and future generations. I will outline how Salk science is now being used to focus attention on these global issues and how our plant biology program will generate new technologies to intelligently solve this global crisis.

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