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Scheduling & Rates

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Integrative Genomics and Bioinformatics Core - Scheduling & Rates

Scheduling & Rates


Fixed Cost: Consultation, de-multiplexing, contamination checking, read quality assessment, and data backup on site and to cloud is covered by a 10% additional charge for relevant NGS sequencing at the Salk Next Generation Sequencing Core ( In addition, read preprocessing, read mapping to genomes, and typical genomics analyses (transcript quantification, differential expression, peak finding, annotation, pathway enrichment), data curation (annotation, uploading data to online repositories), and visualizations (heatmaps, PCA plots, etc.) are also included as part of the 10% NGS sequencing charge. Please contact if you are planning a sequencing experiment.

Fee for Service: Custom analyses for integration of different datasets, pipeline implementation, tool development, scientific writing, computational/statistical modeling, and figure generation are negotiated upfront based on estimated time. These fees will likely continue to be significantly subsidized because of institutional support. Please contact with specific questions or requests.

Collaborative Grant Projects: Bioinformatics Core staff can participate as PIs or key personnel to strengthen relevant grant applications. Core personnel support, in lieu of recharge, is encouraged. This percent effort support is approximated based on actual efforts required. Collaborators work with the Director to forecast project needs and to draft grant proposals. Please contact the Bioinformatics Core director to setup a meeting.

External requests

Priority is given to Salk/Collaborator analyses. Non-profit external rate: 165$ per hour. For profit rate: $330/hour. Data will be stored on core servers for 30 days to allow collaborators to download and backup their data. Please contact the director of the core with your analysis request ahead of time or setup a meeting in person.

a Data is stored on a redundant storage system and backed up locally and to the cloud. Please ensure to also backup all of your data.