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Salk Talk Season 2 Archive

Episode 06: Shani Stern

As the only electrophysiologist in the Gage lab, Shani Stern uses her engineering expertise to delve into the biological mysteries that most intrigue her, particularly bipolar disorder.

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Episode 05: Samuel Pfaff

Why does the simple act of raising your coffee mug to take a sip involve more computation than a supercomputer can do? Why do robots move, well, robotically? Join neuroscientist Sam Pfaff as he explains the answers to the these questions as well as describing the flashy neurological circuits—called “circuitoids”—his lab builds from stem cells to study repetitive actions like walking—and how that work might provide insights into degenerative motor diseases like ALS.

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Salk Talk Season 1 Archive

Episode 04: Abby Buchwalter

With two chemists for parents, the last thing Abby Buchwalter wanted to be when she grew up was a scientist. But in high school she became driven to uncover the fundamental scientific laws governing life. Now, in the lab, she weaves together clues about the structure of our cells while outside of lab she creates fabrics of her own.

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Episode 03: Elena Blanco

What do punk rock music, the martial art of muay thai and neuroscience have in common? They’re all passions of Salk Postdoctoral Scholar Elena Blanco. As a member of Nicola Allen’s lab, Blanco studies cells called astrocytes, which she terms “the security guards of the brain.” We’ll hear about her childhood in Spain, California dreaming, and why she enjoys explaining science at schools, gyms and even at bars.

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Episode 02: Chris Howard

Primary season may be over, but Bernie Salamanders lives on! He’s the Dungeons & Dragons alter ego of Salk’s Chris Howard, a postdoctoral scholar in the lab of Xin Jin. When Howard is not playing D&D, he studies the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is implicated in diseases like Parkinson’s and drug addiction. He’ll tell us the bittersweet story of why he got interested in neuroscience and how music is a big part of his life.

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Episode 01: Pablo Hollstein

An Ecuadorian child actor, Pablo Hollstein now resides at the Salk Institute in Reuben Shaw’s lab where he studies cancer. We will touch on his former acting career after we visit how he fosters community at the Salk, his adventurous eating, and why he is passionate about studying cancer.

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