June 3, 2020

Message from the Salk President

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Message from the Salk President

Racism must not be tolerated in our country and will not be tolerated within the Salk Institute, which holds as its fundamental value the betterment of humanity. Remarks made recently by an employee run completely counter to the Institute’s humanistic mission and beliefs, have prompted a vigorous response within our campus, and deepened the pain being experienced by our black communities in the face of abhorrent injustice.

As scientists and residents of a country founded on an unalienable right to free expression, we welcome and embrace the open exchange of ideas, opinions and dialogue. Statements that violate our existing policies and procedures mandating a respectful workplace environment, however, are unacceptable. Consistent with those policies, we are taking appropriate steps to address the situation internally.

The Salk Institute is unwavering in our commitment not to simply talk about the need to advance diversity, equity and inclusion, but to work actively to those ends. While we have made meaningful progress, we recognize that those efforts must never cease. In fact, they are more critical than ever. Our commitment to better humanity must infuse everything we do, not just in our labs, but throughout every aspect of our lives.

Let’s continue to work together during these challenging times.


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