NSF NeuroNex Workshop

Presented by the National Science Foundation
November 7 - 8, 2018

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - NSF NeuroNex Workshop - Presented by the National Science Foundation
November 7 - 8, 2018


NeuroNex Neurotechnology Hub Awards

Optical Technologies for Large Scale, Noninvasive Recording of Neural Activity: Chris Xu, Cornell University
Chow, D. Sinefeld, K. Kolkman, D. Ouzonov, C. Xu, J. Fetcho
In vivo 3-Photon Imaging in Intact Adult Zebrafish

Y.T. Cheng, S. L. Denotta, J. S. Jones, D. A. Rivera, S. Hu, J. Raiken, D. G. Ouzounov, T. Wang, X. Li, J. C. Cruz Hernandez, I. M. Bastille, N. Nishimura, J. R. Fetcho, C. Xu, C. B. Schaffer
In vivo three-photon excited fluorescence imaging in the spinal cord of awake, locomoting mice

Chris Xu, Joe Fetcho, Mert Sabuncu, Chris Schaffer, and Nilay Yapici
Cornell NeuroNex Hub for Large Scale Recording of Neural Activity

Max Aragon, Mengran Wang, Chris Xu, Nilay Yapici
Non-invasive Structural and Functional Imaging of Drosophila Nervous System Using 3 Photon Imaging

Live Imaging of the C. Elegans Connectome: Oliver Hobert, Columbia University
Miniaturized Open Source Devices for Calcium Imaging, Electrophysiology and Real-Time Control of Neural Activity: Peyman Golshani, University of California, Los Angeles
Integrated Circuit Cracking (ICC) With Linked Tools for Diverse Systems: Karl A. Deisseroth, Stanford University

James H Marshel, Sean Quirin, Timothy A. Machado, Yoon Kim, Cephra Raja, Adelaida Chibukhchyan, Charu Ramakrishnan, Masatoshi Inoue, Surya Ganguli, Karl Deisseroth
Igniting an Artificial Percept with Cellular-Resolution Optical Stimulation

Jan Lui
Molecular, Anatomical, and Behavioral Dissection of mPFC Projection Neuron Heterogeneity

Mark J. Schnitzer
Optical Voltage Sensing in Awake Mice and Flies

Advancing Neuronal and Genetic Approaches to Animal Behavior Research: Yehuda Ben-Shahar, Washington University
Multimodal Integrated Neural Technologies (MINT) – Connecting Physiology to Functional Mapping: Euisik Yoon, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Jennifer Treweek
MINT Structure Tools: Systemic AAVs and CLARITY

Paras Patel
MINT Function Tools: Carbon Fibers

John Seymour
NeuroNex MINT Hub: Structure and Function Tools

Nemonic: Next Generation Multiphoton Neuroimaging Consortium: Spencer Smith, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Alex Nguyen-Le
Towards an Untethered Laser Scanning Microscope

Arani Roy
Implementing a Design for Two-Color Three-Photon Imaging in Cat Visual Cortex

Y. Yu
Cellular Resolution Mesoscale Study on Correlation Structure During Visual Encoding

Bioluminescence for Optimal Brain Control and Imaging: Christopher Moore, Brown University
Enhanced Resolution for 3DEM Analysis of Synapses Across Brain Regions and Taxa: Kristen Harris, University of Texas at Austin

Lyndsey Kirk, Kyle Zatyko, Cailey Bromer, Tom Bartol, Terrence Sejnowski, Kristen Harris
Presynaptic Ultrastructure Changes in Response to LTP Stimulation in Stratum Radiatum of Hippocampal CA1 Neuropil

James Carson
3DEM.org for 3D Electron Microscopy Analysis of Synapses at Enhanced Resolutions

NeuroNex Theory Teams Awards

Columbia University Theoretical Neuroscience Center: Laurence F. Abbott, Columbia University

Kenny Kay
State-dependent Functional Connections in a Mouse V1 Cortical Microcircuit

Inferring Interactions Between Neurons, Stimuli and Behavior: Kresimir Josic, University of Houston

Giuseppe Vinci
Functional Connectivity Graph Estimation from Nonsimultaneous Recordings

Josue Ortega Caro
Why Can’t Convolutional Neural Networks Integrate Contours? The Role and Necessity of Recurrent Connections

NeuroNex Innovation Awards

Southwest Magnetogenetics Project (SoMa): Jacob Robinson, Rice University
Towards Automatic Analysis of Multi-terabyte Cleared Brains: Joshua Vogelstein, Johns Hopkins University

Vikram Chandrashekhar (presenter), Eric Perlman, Benjamin Falk, Daniel Tward, Ailey Crow, Audrey Branch, Jason Yim, Brian Hsueh, Matthew A. Wright, Karl Deisseroth, Randal Burns, Joshua T. Vogelstein
Semi-Automated Pipeline for CLARITY Image Analysis 

A National Resource for Mesoscale and Connectomic Brain Mapping: Narayanan (Bobby) Kasthuri, University of Chicago
Behavioral Technologies: Adam Kepecs, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Chemical and Genetic Methods to Measure and Manipulate Neurons with Light: Evan Miller, University of California, Berkeley
Voltage to Light Transducers (VoLT) Collaborative: Francois St-Pierre, Baylor College of Medicine

Charles Sebesta, Guillaume Duret, Constantine N. Tzouanas, Herman Dierick & Jacob T. Robinson
Magnetogenetics for Drosophila