Health & Safety Guidance for Everyone Entering Salk Campus or Any Salk Facility

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - Health & Safety Guidance for Everyone Entering Salk Campus or Any Salk Facility

Health & Safety Guidance for Everyone Entering Salk Campus or Any Salk Facility

Updated Health & Safety Guidance for Everyone Entering Salk Campus or Any Salk Facility

The health and safety of our employees remains our highest priority during these uncertain times. Salk’s Crisis Management Team continues to monitor and comply with all federal, state and county public health orders regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including measures to prevent spread of the virus. Members of the Institute’s leadership team and faculty also communicate regularly with other research organizations in San Diego and across the country to verify and exchange best practices. This information sharing has been a valuable component in how Salk policies, protocols and our planning for a phased return to work have been shaped.

Safe Reopening Plans have been submitted by the Salk Institute to both the State of California and County of San Diego County.  The Institute has implemented a phased approach permitting additional lab staff and scientific personnel on campus following all public health guidelines. A Guidance Task Force (GTF), chaired by Salk’s Chief Science Officer, Martin Hetzer, and composed of faculty and administrative staff, drafted a workplan for the Institute and continues to update it as necessary. The GTF, working in consultation with members of the Crisis Management Team and COVID-19 Faculty Committee, continues to refine how Salk can best increase onsite research activities while observing measures that help protect the health and safety of all of our employees and suppliers.

Everyone must adhere to the following requirements at all times while on Salk Premises at any location owned, rented or leased by Salk:

  • Everyone must read and adhere to the Salk Protective Measures posted throughout our facilities and online here.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times.
  • Everyone is required to be symptom-free and must pass a check for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering Salk Premises.
  • Suppliers who believe they have been in close contact with someone demonstrating symptoms of illness, or have symptoms of illness themselves, are prohibited from entering any Salk Premises for the safety of the Salk community.
  • If a supplier develops symptoms while working at a Salk Premises, you must inform Salk’s EH&S Department at and immediately leave Salk Premises.
  • If a supplier develops symptoms within 14 days of being at any Salk Premises, they should email to enable confidential contact tracing.
  • Individuals entering Salk Premises are required to comply with all Salk Protective Measures. In the event an individual is observed not complying with the Protective Measures, the individual will be directed to comply by staff from EH&S and/or Human Resources. If further action becomes necessary to ensure compliance, Human Resources, EH&S and the VP/CSO will review, evaluate and implement additional measures deemed appropriate and necessary to ensure a safe workplace.

In May, the County of San Diego implemented new requirements for employers that will directly impact all individuals who are performing work on campus.  Under these requirements:

  • Before entering any Salk Premises, every individual, including all employees and suppliers authorized to work on-site must
    • complete a daily self-health evaluation to assess the presence of any identified symptom of illness; and
    • pass a temperature check at a location designated by Salk prior to entering any Salk Premises.
  • Individuals who present with a fever of 100 F degrees or higher will be prohibited from entering.
  • Individuals who decline a temperature check will also be prohibited from entering.

All Salk Premises remain closed except to those designated as essential to perform work on site, and who have scheduled in advance with the Security Services Department. Current authorized work hours are from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Updates to this information will be provided in accordance to any changes in federal, state or local public health orders.