July 2017 Wallpaper

Salk Institute for Biological Studies - July 2017 Wallpaper

2017 July Wallpaper

Each month the Salk e-newsletter ends with a stunning photo to take your desktop on a journey into scientific discoveries. Pick your favorite images, and download them as your desktop wallpaper.

This month’s image comes from a recent press release from the lab of Ron Evans. The paper published in Cell Metabolism explains how a gene pathway called PPARD is triggered by aerobic exercise, activating genes involved in burning fat for energy but suppressing genes involved in burning sugar (to save glucose for use by the brain). The team found continuing evidence that PPARD can be activated by a drug, and showed that sedentary mice who took the pill were able to run 70% longer than control mice. The new study may lead to “exercise-in-a-pill” for people who cannot exercise aerobically due to health or mobility issues.

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