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Jan Karlseder
Glenn Center for Research on Aging
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Martin Hetzer
Glenn Center for Research on Aging
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Glenn Investigators

Sreekanth Chalasani
Assistant Professor
Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory

Ron Evans
Professor and Director, Gene Expression Laboratory
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
March of Dimes Chair in Molecular and Developmental Biology

Fred Gage
Professor, Laboratory of Genetics
Vi and John Adler Chair for Research on Age-Related Neurodegenerative Disease

Martin Hetzer
Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
Jesse and Caryl Philips Foundation Chair

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte
Professor, Gene Expression Laboratory
Roger Guillemin Chair

Jan Karlseder
Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
Donald and Darlene Shiley Chair

Julie Law
Assistant Professor, Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory

Vicki Lundblad
Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
Ralph S. and Becky O'Connor Chair

Marc Montminy
Professor, Clayton Foundation Laboratories for Peptide Biology
J.W. Kieckhefer Foundation Chair

Satchidananda Panda
Associate Professor, Regulatory Biology Laboratory

Reuben Shaw
Professor, Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Scientist

Inder Verma
Professor, Laboratory of Genetics
American Cancer Society Professor of Molecular Biology
Irwin and Joan Jacobs Chair in Exemplary Life Science

Glenn Fellows

The Glenn Center supports postdoctoral associates and graduate students, termed Glenn Fellows, working in the laboratories of the Glenn Investigators, focusing on innovative questions that address the biology of aging.

Current Glenn Fellows:

Giorgia Benegiamo, PhD (Panda Laboratory)
‘The role of NONO in regulation of metabolism’

Teresa Rivera Garcia, PhD (Karlseder Laboratory)
‘The genetics and epigenetics of reprogramming during aging’

Masatoshi Hirayama PhD (Panda Laboratory)
‘Regeneration of SCN neurons to restore circadian rhythm’

Filipe Jacinto, PhD (Hetzer Laboratory)
‘Nucleoporines as novel mediators of chromatin architecture in adult stem cells during aging’

Chun Shi (Ryan) Lin, PhD (Evans Laboratory)
‘The role of CARM1 in maintenance of β-cell metabolism during aging’

John Lubin, Graduate Student (Lundblad Laboratory)
‘Identifying the functions of novel telomerase surfaces’

Jerome Mertens, PhD (Gage Laboratory)
‘Direct conversion of human fibroblasts from young and old individuals into functional neurons for the investigation of human brain aging’

Shaday Michan, PhD (Belmonte Laboratory)
‘The key role of central carbohydrate metabolic network in human aging’

Ana Maria Palanca, PhD (Law Laboratory)
‘Methyl-CpG binding domain and α-crystallin domain proteins in gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana’

Robert Radford, PhD (Karlseder Laboratory)
‘Chromatin changes during aging and immortalization’

Cynthia Reyes, Graduate Student (Lundblad Laboratory)
‘High-resolution analysis of the pathway(s) that mediate telomere homeostasis in telomerase-defective yeast’

Run Shen, PhD (Montminy Laboratory)
‘Role of the CREB pathway in aging and energy balance’

Brandon Toyama, PhD (Hetzer Laboratory)
‘Nuclear pore maintenance and turnover during aging’


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