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New drug squashes cancer’s last-ditch efforts to survive

As a tumor grows, its cancerous cells ramp up an energy-harvesting process to support its hasty development. This process, called autophagy, is normally used by a cell to recycle damaged organelles and proteins, but is also co-opted by cancer cells to meet their increased energy and metabolic demands. Read more »

Salk scientists unveil powerful method to speed cancer drug discovery

For decades, researchers have struggled to translate basic scientific discoveries about cancer into therapeutics that effectively–and with minimal side effects–shrink a tumor.

One avenue that may hold great potential is the development of drugs that interfere with interactions between proteins, which are often disrupted during the formation and spread of cancer. Deciphering these interactions, however, has proven difficult and time consuming, leading to doubts about the practicality of this approach as a route to new therapies.
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Salk scientists deliver a promising one-two punch for lung cancer

Scientists at the Salk Institute have discovered a powerful one-two punch for countering a common genetic mutation that often leads to drug-resistant cancers. The dual-drug therapy–with analogs already in use for other diseases–doubled the survival rate of mice with lung cancer and halted cancer in pancreatic cells. Read more »