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Frequently Asked Questions about Collaboration

How do I find technologies that may be of value to my company?

If you do not find what you need on this website under “Technologies Available for Collaboration” or “Technologies Available for Licensing and Collaboration,” please contact:
Michelle Booden
Senior Director
Office of Technology Development
858-453-4100, Ext. 1612.

How are collaborations with Salk faculty structured?

All collaborations are driven by the science. Once the scientists from Salk and the potential partner have reached agreement on a work plan, the OTD staff will help structure the agreement that is most appropriate to that collaboration.

Are there areas of particular concern to Salk when structuring collaborations?

As a non-profit institute conducting research, we reserve the right to continue that research following any collaboration. Additionally, publication of research results is a primary mission of Salk. We must be permitted to publish the results of any collaboration while accommodating the need to protect intellectual property and confidential information.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Collaboration with a leading institute such as Salk could have a major impact on your company’s competitiveness and productivity. If you have a pre-existing relationship with a researcher at Salk and have identified a collaborative project, the OTD staff can help you structure an agreement that is appropriate to that collaboration. These agreements can include CDAs, material transfer agreements, collaboration agreements, options, licenses and sponsored research agreements. If your company does not have an existing relationship with a researcher, the OTD can help guide you to the most appropriate faculty member based on your capabilities and needs and can facilitate discussions.

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