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The mission of the OTD is to help Salk innovators—faculty, scientific staff and students—realize the commercial potential of their ideas. A cornerstone of this process is the protection of intellectual property related to your inventions. The procedures for ensuring this protection are described below. OTD staff will also help you determine the best route to commercializing your technology, whether through a license to a company, establishment of a start-up company, or collaboration with companies and other partners.

The OTD strives to make the technology transfer process as smooth and seamless as possible, and we encourage faculty and staff to engage with us and “think outside the lab” as they go about their creative and innovative activities. If you have created an invention or have exceptional research results that may have commercial value, please notify the OTD, preferably in writing via an official Research Disclosure form. The OTD offers several services related to invention disclosure , including:

  • Assistance in filling out the Invention Disclosure forms
  • General educational meetings and presentations
  • Evaluation of information in Invention Disclosure forms
  • Marketing efforts toward licensing or sponsored research
  • License and option negotiation
  • Referrals to start-up company assistance entities
  • Reporting of inventions developed via federal grants

The OTD also offers services to protect the ability of Salk faculty and staff to continue their research programs in the future, including:

  • Material transfer agreements
  • Confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements
  • Policy tracking and research

The OTD’s Intellectual Property Protection Process

  • + Disclosure
  • + Licensing associate assignment
  • + Evaluation
  • + Patent application
  • + Marketing and license negotiation.
  • + Monitoring progress
  • + Royalty sharing
  • + Amending license agreements

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