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August 2015

Symphony at Salk marks 20th anniversary, $330 million raised
The San Diego Union-Tribune

BRIEF: Symphony at Salk marks 20th anniversary, $330 million raised
Bloomberg Business

Temples of the mind: The mysterious neuroscience of holy buildings
CNN Style

Salk Scientist appointed to National Commission on Forensic Science
San Diego Business Journal

Joan and Irwin M. Jacobs receive Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy for 2015
San Diego Business Journal

Andrea Bocelli, Renee Fleming to perform in L.A. Pavarotti benefit concert
Los Angeles Times

Autism research: August 14, 2015 Week in review
Autism Daily Newscast

Salk Professor wins national award, $7.9 million in funding
Times of San Diego

What makes you so smart, computational neuroscientist?
Pacific Standard

Salk celebrates turnaround under Bill Brody
The San Diego Union-Tribune

July 2015

Stem cells could treat mitochondrial disease
The San Diego Union-Tribune

Researching careers in life sciences
The San Diego Union-Tribune

New tools developed to study protein formation
Gen News

New technique maps elusive chemical markers on proteins
Health Canal

Dietary fat intake could potentially ease mitochondrial disease, shows research
News Medical

June 2015

Salk research reveals way to reduce autism symptoms

New drug prevents cancer cells from staging last stand
Gen News

Deprotected telomeres tip cancer cells to crisis, death
Gen News

New approach to starving cancers
The San Diego Union-Tribune

Cell suicide path further explained
The San Diego Union-Tribune

Nicola Allen Named Pew Scholar
San Diego Business Journal

"Keep Tabs on Your Telomeres: The Role of Chromosome Ends in Aging and Disease."
Del Mar Times

Plant study illuminates brain
The San Diego Union-Tribune

Nucleoporin proteins play significant role in maintaining embryonic stem cells
News Medical

Potential link between diet and autism

World's Smart Cities San Diego HD
National Geographic channel

Lighting up the brain
Cosmos Magazine

Meet the Author Conchi Estaras
Molecular Cell

Genome-controlling map made
The San Diego Union-Tribune

May 2015

Scientist explores secrets of aging
The San Diego Union-Tribune

What a mouse brain looks like when it rewires itself

Rewiring of senses in a mouse brain revealed in glorious colour
New Scientist

The brighter side of rabies
The New Yorker

New type of stem cell could make it easier to grow human organs
Scientific American

New stem cell may be key to human organs in animals
U-T San Diego

New stem cell identified
The Scientist

Stem cell hope for tissue repair
Yahoo! News

Vital step in stem cell growth revealed
Bioscience Technology

April 2015

Scientists discover the secret to keeping cells young

Scientists discover an important new driver of aging
The Washington Post

Vital step in stem cell growth revealed: Finding could aid regenerative and cancer therapies

How do we age?
U-T San Diego

Salk Institute for Biological Studies Release: Vital step in stem cell growth revealed

Increase funding for public health research
U-T San Diego

Salk scientists propose new mitochondrial disease fix

Hopes raised for new genetic therapy to prevent inherited diseases
The Guardian

Controversial gene-editing approach gains ground
Scientific American

Technique aims to cut disease-causing mutations out of eggs and embryos
Science Magazine

Gingrich says "double the NIH budget"
U-T San Diego

Introducing Mrs. Robert Redford
U-T San Diego

Ep. 42: "Neurogenesis" Featuring Dr. Fred Gage
The Stem Cell Podcast

"World's Smart Cities"
U-T San Diego

Explore Salk 2015 on Channel 8 News

'Bubble boy' progress reported
U-T San Diego

The wonders of your brain
U-T San Diego

Mending a battle scarred mind
Cosmos Magazine

March 2015

Who needs March Madness?
The Journal of the American Institute of Architects

The miracle of the 12-hour fast
Men's Fitness

Salk scientist weighs in on gene engineering technology

Changing the way cancer is treated
San Diego 6 News

Salk's molecular scissors chop up HIV
U-T San Diego

Salk Nobel Laureate receives France's highest honor
Times of San Diego

San Diego People - The Salk Institute

Seven projects to get stem cell center funds
U-T San Diego

Dean's Medal awarded to three Stanford alumni
The Stanford Daily

February 2015

Salk celebrates 25 years of mentoring
U-T San Diego

When scientific research can't get federal funds, private money steps in
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Why you slip but don't fall walking on ice
ABC News

Scientists want to trick the gut into burning fat without food
NPR News

Researchers say when you eat each day may be crucial to weight loss
The Wall Street Journal

January 2015

Eyewitnesses aren't as reliable as you might think
The Washington Post

'Mini-brain' in spinal cord helps brain keep body balanced
Computer World

Salk scientists discover new diet pill

A 12-hour window for a healthy weight
New York Times

Diet pill mimics the effects of eating
Science Friday

Scientists develop a weight-loss pill that fools the stomach
LA Times

This pill can trick the body into losing weight, study finds

Pill works as 'imaginary meal' to aid weight loss
USA Today

'Imaginary Meal' drug aims to curb your appetite, drop pounds
NBC 7 San Diego

Distributed information processing in biological and computational systems
Communications of the ACM

New drug tricks metabolism into burning fat as if you've just finished a meal
The Washington Post

December 2014

New lung cancer treatment
San Diego 6 The CW

Worms' mental 'GPS' helps them find dinner
Science World Report

Navigating the stage with a disability
The Wall Street Journal

November 2014

In response
U-T San Diego

Itzhak Perlman at the Salk Institute

U-T event honors Salk's life, legacy
U-T San Diego

Itzhak Perlman charms the Salk
U-T San Diego

The brain on architecture
The Atlantic

Fres Salk program for U-T subscribers
U-T San Diego

Billion-Dollar campaigns roar back
The Chronicle of Philanthropy

October 2014

Eldar will fuse jazz & neurobiology Sunday
U-T San Diego

Jonas Salk: The man behind the science
U-T San Diego

Diabetes prevention Is hope of Salk discovery of 'Good Fat'
Times of San Diego

Researchers find entirely new type of 'good' fat in the human body - and say it can fight diabetes
The Daily Mail

Special methods can cut witness errors
U-T San Diego

September 2014

A vitamin D variant may be key to treating deadly pancreatic cancer
Los Angeles Times

Scientists ID an on/off switch for aging cells
R & D

More than 750 cyclists ride in Pedal the Cause

Getty Foundation announces grants for 20th-century buildings
New York Times

Cell 'Trash' tied to cancer, autoimmune diseases
U-T San Diego

Touching up a treasure
U-T San Diego

How the 'Garbage Men' of our bodies remove dead cells in different environments
Science World Report

August 2014

Researchers discover genetic trigger that could lead to new autoimmune, cancer treatments
Vaccine News Daily

Salk Institute laboratory head talks new role in brain cells

The brainwave that lets you recognize what's new in the world
Scientific American

Science mecca blooms on La Jolla mesa
U-T San Diego

San Diego scientist illuminates link between light and health

Drug sought from African tree
Voice of America

Wooing the big bucks
U-T San Diego

Inside the Icon
San Diego Magazine

Spotlight on women
San Diego Magazine

July 2014

A taste for business
U-T San Diego

Discovery may help lung cancer therapy
U-T San Diego

Protein Temporarily Reversed Type 2 Diabetes in Mice
US News and World Report

San Diego home to 49 of world's top scientists
U-T San Diego

Artificial embryonic stem cells have quality problems: study
U-T San Diego

Not All Stem Cells Created Equal
The Scientist

Mental health: New schizophrenia research offers hope
Las Cruces Sun-News

June 2014

Five insights challenging science's unshakable 'truths'
The Guardian

Computing a cure for HIV: 9 ways supercomputers help scientists understand and treat the virus
National Science Foundation

Blocking pain receptors could increase life and metabolism
Liberty Voice

Research helps clarify how obesity leads to Type 2 diabetes, cancer
Medical News Today

How biological time flies
USC News

Biocom partners with San Diego International Air

It's Personal: Why this real estate mogul is funding disease research
Inside Philanthropy

Prebys gives $25M to Salk endowment drive
UT San Diego

May 2014

The Light Therapeutic
The Economist

Bike benefit funds sisters' breast cancer study
UT San Diego

Salk professor named grantee in new pancreatic cancer research program

Why do you feel hungry in the night? It could be down to a faulty gene
The Huffington Post UK

Salk's Glenn Center Receives $3 Million Donation
San Diego Metro Magazine

Genes discovered linking circadian clock with eating schedule Health Canal

Meet the man who is trying to make humans immortal by recreating their brains on computers
Business Insider

Early indicators of schizophrenia indicated by new stem cell research
Medical News Today

Beyond the cut: Exploring the future of movies with neuroscience, virtual reality and architecture

Cancer researcher describes breakthrough
UT San Diego

Study IDs cause of brain bleeding immediately after stroke
AANS Neurosurgeon

Taking a chance for Jonas Salk
U-T San Diego

Scientists reveal network of fundamental motor circuitry
Medical Design Technology

Walk for Salk 5k event headlines free laboratory tours with 'Shrek'
San Diego Community News Group

Salk Institute study identifies novel regulator of key gene expression in cancer

April 2014

Salk Institute study identifies novel regulator of key gene expression in cancer
News Wise

Seen and Unseen: Could there ever be a "Cinema Without Cuts"?
Scientific American

The Salk Institute is featured on KUSI's World of Wonder
KUSI News San Diego

Salk Researchers' Work Explains How Brain Selects Memories
Times of San Diego

Research by UCI, Salk Institute points to novel therapies for minimizing stroke-induced brain damage
News Medical

New cause of brain bleeding immediately after stroke identified
Science Daily

New memory model explains how neurons select memories
Before It's News

Polio vaccine: The shots felt 'round the world
Chicago Sun Times

Potential link between brain development and breast cancer gene

Going Long
The Scientist

March 2014

American Association for Cancer Research to induct the 2014 Elected Class of Fellows
American Association for Cancer Research

Cancer-fighting gene needed in brain
UT San Diego

A dedicated circuit links direction-selective retinal ganglion cells to the primary visual cortex
Nature Journal

Famous Breast Cancer Gene Could Affect Brain Growth
Science Magazine

Acclaimed biologist fosters next generation of women in science
San Diego Source

Revisiting the Greatness of Physicist Leo Szilard
U-T San Diego

Sydney Brenner on what's harming science
U-T San Diego

Budding scientists get rare look inside Salk labs
U-T San Diego

February 2014

Gathering Of Great Minds: Creating San Diego's Salk Institute

Salk, Stanford partner in genomics program
U-T San Diego

January 2014

Factors that trigger "ALT-ernative" cancer cell growth
Chemotherapy Advisor

San Diego Will Play A Role In California's New Stem Cell Genomics Center

Strawberry, Cucumber Nutrient May Prevent Alzheimers Memory Loss
Drug Discovery & Development

Genomics and Epigenomic Variations in Arabidopsis
PacBio Blog

How Does The Brain Create Sequences?

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