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December 2016

Irwin Jacobs: from telecom mogul to Salk Institute leader

The San Diego Union-Tribune

A brain in a dish: 3D mini-brains prove to be remarkably accurate


Salk scientists reverse signs of aging–live on KUSI (Part 1)


Salk scientists reverse signs of aging– live on KUSI (Part 2)


Salk scientists reverse signs of aging live

Fox 5 News

Scientists take on what was once thought impossible: reversing aging

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Scientists successfully lengthen mice’s lifespan by 30 percent

Popular Mechanics

Aging is reversible—at least in human cells and live mice

Scientific American

Scientists may have found a way to reverse aging

New York Magazine

Scientists say the clock of aging may be reversible

The New York Times

Experiments on mice suggest aging can be reversed

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Ageing process may be reversible, scientists claim

The Guardian

Researchers rejuvenate aging mice with stem cell genes

Science Magazine

Salk Institute president and Nobel prize winner discusses her life in science

La Jolla Light

For Stem Cells to Be Healthy, Telomere Length Has to Be Just Right, Scientists Find


Telomere Elongation Compromises Pluripotency In Stem Cells


The Goldilocks effect in aging research

Front Line Genomics

Genetic Housekeeping Nowhere without NoBody Microprotein

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Salk Researchers Say Plant May Hold Key To Drought Resistance


Scientists find that for stem cells to be healthy, telomere length has to be just right


Small but mighty: Tiny proteins with big roles in biology (Update)


Team Discovers Small Protein Important for Cellular Housekeeping


Scientists find new ‘microprotein’ hiding in human genome


Collaboration uncovers how molecular machines assemble

Multi-institutional collaboration uncovers how molecular machines assemble

Science Daily

December 2014

New lung cancer treatment

San Diego 6 The CW

Worms’ mental ‘GPS’ helps them find dinner

Science World Report

Navigating the stage with a disability

The Wall Street Journal

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